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Mah Rana
Where do I go from here?

Conference Contribution

Challenging Craft International Conference
Grays School of Art

September 10, 2004

guest speaker
paper: Where do I go from here?

My lecture, Where do I go from here? presented the increasing importance of the relationship that I was building with the public from holding events for the Meanings and Attachments project. These events have been held in Melbourne, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Barcelona and various cities and towns in the UK. From this project I have built a photographic, written and verbal record of hundreds of individual’s personal relationships with their jewellery, which in turn reveals personal relationships with people, places and time.

Each event takes on its own persona, but often the experience is a very social one, in that strangers will start comparing stories and experiences with each other. The youngest participant has been 4 and the eldest has been 102 with an equal split between male and female, which perhaps dispels a notion for many that the participants would only be female and within a limited age group. This project intensifies and validates the issues that are explored in my own jewellery work, asserting that jewellery is essential to us, whether it be as an individual or as a social group or society.

We engage with jewellery on different levels, and I have not only become interested in the wearing of jewellery, but also the gifting of jewellery, the inheritance of jewellery and the losing of jewellery.

Slideshow: Mah Rana - Where do I go from Here?

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