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Clare Qualmann
walkwalkwalk: an archaeology of the familiar and forgotten

Other form of assessable output

The Design History Society annual conference

September 6 - 9, 2005
and ongoing

a series of live art / performance events with extensive web participation and documentation
collaborators: Gail Burton, Serena Korda

Full documentation of all walkwalkwalk events can be found on the walkwalkwalk website

walkwalkwalk: an archaeology of the familiar and forgotten is a collaborative project by Gail Burton, Serena Korda and Clare Qualmann, started in 2005.

walkwalkwalk explores questions of performance and participation within a live art context. We construct live art events and performances that engage with specific places. We work with text, film and found objects to explore the routines of everyday life and the mythologies of cities.

Although we consider the events themselves to be the work, documentation of the project through photography, film and writing is extensive. An important component of this documentation is the contribution made by participants. Our website acts as a repository and an archive. Tools such as blogs expand on and document specific components of the project. We seek to examine our collaborative processes of working.

Questions that we are actively engaged with include:
- How do choices that are made with curiosity and exploration as impetus (rather than efficiency or functionality) impact on the experience of urban space?
- How narrative accrues by a multiple yet collective experience, like storytelling or myth.
- Can documenting and recording our processes of development (and making this publicly available on our website) better enable us to reflect and evolve, involve others in our process of inquiry and subsequently engender deeper understanding of our project?

We continue to develop and expand the scope and range of our project (through invitations to work in specific places, or with specific ideas or people), or through our own direction. Increasingly we are also taking aspects or documentation of the project into a gallery context, by which we seek to locate ourselves within a peer group of emerging artists.

walkwalkwalk is an equal collaboration between its three members, with occasional contributions from guest artists (clearly credited).

walkwalkwalk performances / live art events:

September 6 - 9, 2005: walkwalkwalk: an archaeology of the familiar and forgotten - live art event and installation, The Design History Society annual conference, London

December 21, 2005: Night Walk I

February 21, 2006: Night Walk II: Points of Non Interest with guest artist Clive Brandon

May 8, 2006: Night Walk Spring

June 21, 2006: Night Walk Midsummer - part of Architecture Week events

August 31 - September 6, 2006: walkwalkwalk residency at Camden Arts Centre with performance on September 6

September 24, 2006: walkwalkwalk: The Musical with guest artist Tai Shani

December 21, 2006: Night Walk Midwinter with screening of a film by Gimpo

June 21, 2007: Chip Shop Tour of E8 - part of Architecture Week events

July 18, 2007: walkwalkwalk: an archaeology of the familia and forgotten, Chelsea Physic Garden - part of In Transit events

Please also refer to hardcopy items for this output.

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