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Clare Qualmann
Collect Transform Repeat


Michael West Gallery
Quay Arts
Newport, Isle of Wight

November 4, 2006 - January 14, 2007

a collaborative exhibition with Susan Skingle and Elizabeth Lemoine

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What happens when aspects of the studio are brought out into public view, when our collections and explorations are given the same public presentation as finished work? Do we shed a different light on finished work by exhibiting studio routines and materials? Do audiences understand or read works differently when they are presented in terms of their production?

This project set out to focus on our studios as spaces to think and work. We considered the materials we collect, how we decide to work them, how these activities generate ideas and result in the objects we exhibit. Instead of concentrating on finished products from the studio placed in an exhibition environment, we showed the threads that connect an artwork to the space in which it was conceived and made.

By displaying our collections, starting points and failures alongside finished works, we explored the evolution of ideas through materials and process. We constructed "snapshots" from our workspaces to illustrate the journeys from conception through production in the life of an idea.

We sought to explore a commonality of approach in our practices, to look at processes, approaches to making and the sources of ideas. Because we share a proclivity for repetitive processes, hording and everyday materials, new "collective" works emerged as objects from three sources converged. The exhibition changed our perceptions of individual pieces in terms of scale and material qualities.

Slideshow: Collect Transform Repeat

A University gallery was used for public curatorial experiments. A webpage was published and a presentation was made to the research group.

Funded by Quay Arts, a large high-profile gallery in an Arts Centre which hosts exhibitions by national & international artists. Selection was by submission to the curator at Quay Arts. There was extensive audience feedback, coverage on BBC television regional news, local press and contemporary art websites.


Collect Transform Repeat
Site Projects, London
ISBN-13: 978-0955437908

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