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Nigel Oxley
Collective Thinking

Journal article

Printmaking Today
vol. 15(2)
June 2006
ISSN: 09609253

pp. 26-28

An article in Printmaking Today entitled On the Ways and Means of Artist/Printer Collaborations on the collaboration of Susan Aldworth and Nigel Oxley; its aim was to produce a series of etchings based on the ideas around "Being" and human consciousness. This has been a collaboration over the last two years where Aldworth and Oxley have developed different techniques and applied them to her area of research and combined image making. Nigel Oxley has developed a series of innovative techniques, including Photo etching and Carborundum etching at Kelpra Press, and at his own studio.

A parallel research report entitled Mapping Arts, Health and Higher collaborative Projects in London on the work of Susan Aldworth and Nigel Oxley has been produced by Jill Sheridan and Professor Linda Pring.

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Collective Thinking

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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