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Pat Moloney
On the Fringe


Metro Works Gallery
London Metropolitan University

September 14 - 24, 2007

work: seven pieces

On the Fringe website

On the fringe is a collaborative project between four textile designers, a multi-media designer and interior designer concerned with the changes that are required in the process of transition from what might be perceived as traditional design methodology of textiles to digital technology.

The title of the exhibition reflects to some extent the designers’ starting point as experienced practitioners, skilled in drawing, modelling, weaving, cutting, stitching, printing, knitting and manipulating cloth; working "on the edge" of emerging digital technologies. They have questioned how satisfying and how creative virtual design is, what the potential of digital technology is, whether it can be craft in the conventional terms, whether it is creative and how far new technologies challenge and enhance the values traditionally associated with the work of the designer maker and the process of making.

Slideshow: Pat Moloney - On the Fringe

The results of this project were shown at an exhibition of the same name which was timed to run alongside the European Textile Network Conference, Digital//Craft and subsequent workshops hosted by the Sir John Cass Department of Art Media and Design in the University’s Metro Works Gallery, from September 14 - 24 2007. It also became a part of the London Design Festival.

My own pieces set out to reveal how an interactive process could evolve between the hand manipulated weave structures and digital woven jacquard and explored the idea of a fusion of traditional techniques through the use of digital manipulated imagery to create a range of jacquard weaves. The sensory aspect was further developed through the use of new fibre technology and the use of light sources and light reflecting materials as means of investigating the possibility of enhanced health and well being.

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