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The Cass Summer Show Preview 2010

Here is a sneak preview of some of the work that you will see at The Cass Summer Show 2010. For full details of address, opening hours click here

Opening Night Events - Poetry, Pratfalls, Pianists and Pluckers

The BA Fine Art Show will be in-formally opened by the great John Hegley, widely known as one of the country's most innovative comic poets.
Location - 3rd Floor, Central House, 6pm.


Also at Central House look out for lady Melissa and her Butler (you probably won’t miss them) and Piano Recitals at the ground floor bar (it’s in a loading bay in case this is sounding too decadent).

Over at Commercial Road expect the usual impromptu acoustic sessions by our Instrument Makers on the 6th Floor.

Textiles to Dye For
- The Cass Gallery Commercial Road

In the Textiles area traditional craft and digital and interactive technology meet head on with innovative results. 'The Flicks' by Lucy Gander is a Textile Print Collection designed for use within soft furnishing and upholstery with emphasis on the classic cinema interior. In keeping with the cinema theme, put on your 3D glasses to enjoy the full effect.

More interactivity in 'Oh, What A Wonderful World', a witty range of Scented Wallpaper and Printed Fabric’s by Charlotte Davies. The fragrances include Chocolate and Cut Grass and Roses and Dog Poo. Talking about the work Charlotte said, “Looking at the World around us, I have observed the neglect and damage that we are responsible for. I want to concentrate on the objects that we leave behind and present them in a decorative way, by turning the vulgar into something beautiful.” See more here and smell more at the show.

Keeping with environmental concerns, Samantha Davey’s 'Sus la Grève' is a collection of knitted garments, made from sustainable yarns such as a bamboo blend, soy silk, pure bamboo and hemp. The theme of the pieces is based on man’s effect on the environment with a particular emphasis on the cost.

Screen and Screen Again
- Central House

Moving image fans can enjoy a feast of drama, documentary and experimental work this year. The Film and Broadcast Production Showcase screening includes nine short films including underground thriller ‘The Big Lift’, surreal toy collector tale ‘My Clockwork Man’ (pictured) and romance ‘Little Star’.

Download the full Film and Broadcast Showcase programme
PD3031 Film & Broadcast Prod_ showcase.pdf

On the same floor, you can see INSPIRE, a group film / surround sound project by Music Technology (Sound For Media) graduates. INSPIRE is a multi-disciplinary exercise - a surround sound composition and effects-laden video collage, contemplating nature and technology.

Head for the 4th Floor of central house floor to check out a reel of quirky work from BA Animation.

Products For Their Environment

There will be a whole array of furniture and product work on display but be sure to catch the projects by Francesca Mancini and Simon Davies. Both students finished their major projects early - in time to show at Grand Designs as ‘Union for Sustainability'. They strongly believe in the same concept of sustainability and that designers have a responsibility to enhance all of our futures by reducing our impact on the environment. Their current aim is to raise awareness on the importance of water conservation they have each designed an innovative product relating to this issue.

Simon’s ‘Table For Life’ is an environmentally friendly garden table manufactured from Eco-Sheet. It uses the top surface to cannel rainwater underneath into a storage tank for future usage in and around the garden, saving on scarce and valued tap water and reducing carbon emissions. It is an ideal product for urban or roof top gardens where other rain harvesting systems are not practical whilst also having the added benefit of lower water rate bills.

Francesca’s project, ‘The K2 Eco Tank’ is a shower room with a water collection system from the shower and sink, which is recycled to flush the toilet that can use up to 16 liters of clean tap water. The system expresses a highly creative design with combined ethos on sustainability and environmental issues relating to the conservation of natural resources by up cycling otherwise wasted water.

What’s in The Box?
- Central House

There is a good showing for sculpture work this year at The Fine Art show in Central House , including ‘Craving’, a piece by Fine Art student Atilya P. It is a 8ft x 4ftt wooden crate/package with peepholes, revealing its internal intriguing 'magical kingdom'. The title 'Crave' refers to its 'crate' exterior, its 'cave like' interior and ones desire to escape the world of reality.

In Unit 2 Gallery look out for the colourful wall of handguns.

Spiritual Healing
- Central House

'Nkisi' is a 3D work by Caro Millington from the BA (Hons) Fine Art. A contemporary take on the nineteenth century African object used to fend off the undesirable: this sculpture is made from a pig's bladder, filled with expanding polystyrene and studded with rusting nails. See more of Caro's work on her website.

Archive of Hugs

'Archive of Hugs' by Charlotte Foster-Young, a BA (Hons) Fine Art student, is a conceptual installation in which two metallic bunk beds are used to display a collection of 'hugs' captured by the artist with friend and partners with a soft pillow and made permanent in plaster (3rd Floor Central House). Talking about the work, Charlotte said "Hugs are ephemeral -meaningful contact in a moment that is usually lost- this is an archive of such moments."

Liz Edwards, also a BA (Hons) Fine Art student, is exhibiting a series of vibrant 'colour field' pieces which test -and play with- paint. The shimmering red and blue paintings, in the tradition of Morris Louis, explore colour and process and our responses to both. Liz has been a student at The Cass for 7 years, completing a foundation year and degree part-time.

See more work by BA (Hons) Fine Art students: www.sirjohncass2010.com

Picture This

Vito Gravinese from BA (Hons) Design presents a series of photographs capturing the alienation of urban and natural spaces. One, taken on Hamburg underground was shortlisted for a major prize recently and has prompted a flurry of interest in his work from the magazine sector. You can see more of his work here on his final project blog

On a lighter note, Jakob Naess’crazy wardrobe image is part of the BA (Hons) Graphic Design show, also on the 6th Floor at Commercial Road. Jakob is one of about 15 students who progressed from Norwegian College NKF to take a third year in Graphic Design at The Cass.

There is more photography, of course, on Floor 3 of Central House BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography show.

Illustration Preview - Commercial Road

A look at how our first intake of BA (Hons) Illustration students are getting along. Illustration work by Jason Moon.

And more Illustration work by Joshua Novelli.


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