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Assessment and Feedback


Scores from the 2011 National Student Survey for the cluster of questions about student satisfaction with feedback and assessment in JCAMD were unacceptably low, below sector and London Met averages: the average score for JCAMD was only 46% compared with 67% for the sector, 58% for London Met and 59% for ASD.

Scoring by Art, Media and Design students is generally much harsher in the NSS than in internal module or course evaluations for Assessment and Feedback, particularly by students with a Specific Learning Disability such as dyslexia or dyspraxia. The NSS questions are also a better fit for lecture-based courses than for studio-based ones. The paradox is that we are giving feedback, so why don’t the students recognise it or always find it constructive?


The following three actions are being introduced across all undergraduate courses in JCAMD to improve scores for the assessment and feedback questions in NSS2012.

1. Feedback Pads

Carbon copy formative feedback pads have been used successfully for some time in ASD. Each member of staff should have one for use in individual tutorials, presentations, studio crits etc. Fill the form in by hand as you talk or listen to the student. Feedback can include sketches, diagrams, lists, references, drawings by the student. Blackboard 9.1, which will be launched in 2012/13 but trialled on some modules in JCAMD in spring semester 2012 will include a facility for uploading audio feedback as an alternative, but this low tech’ approach addresses immediately the problem of AMD students not recognising or valuing verbal formative feedback.

  • In crits or presentations one member of staff or even a student can record the comments of others on behalf of the group.
  • Tear off the top sheet and give it to the student immediately saying ‘This is formative feedback’ and retain the copy. There is a decision needed as to where the copy is finally stored. I would suggest they are collected at predetermined intervals by the Course leader and filed.
  • Whilst this is immediate and relatively informal feedback it should be remembered that it will form part of the student record and might be referred to if there is a dispute.
  • Please collect and sign for your Formative Feedback Pad from the Faculty Office in Commercial Road or from the UG/PG Office in Central House. Course Leaders may take a set for each of their team members.

Professor Robert Mull

Download a single slide PowerPoint summary of their use:

2. Summative Feedback

New summative feedback forms have also been developed for use across all JCAMD undergraduate courses from spring semester 2011/12 at the latest. One is for written work and presentations; the other is for practical coursework. You can download a Word version to complete electronically or a PDF for printouts. The Assessment Strategy document gives guidance on using the new forms to tutors. There is also a PowerPoint presentation on summative and formative feedback and an information guide to feedback for students that you can upload to your WebLearn modules.

Formative and Summative Feedback
Download file as:

Assessment Strategy

Download Word assessment-strategy_181011.doc

Feedback Form 1
Download file for written work as:

Feedback Form 2
Download file for practical work as:

3. Module Evaluation Form

The new Module Evaluation Form has been developed as a means of introducing students to fourteen of the main NSS questions, applying them to the module rather than to the course. This gives tutors the opportunity to go through the questions with their students during the final weeks of teaching. The questionnaire has already been circulated to staff for uploading to WebLearn by Ahmed Farid, Quality Coordinator, but you can also download a copy in PDF format below if you prefer to give a printed copy to your students.

Module Evaluation Form
Download PDF module_questionnaire2011-12.pdf

How to upload to Weblearn
Download PDF importing-module-questionnaire-2011-12.pdf


Dr David Butler, Associate Dean (Academic)
Dr Ahmed Farid, Quality Coordinator
Rosmond Milner, Coordinator, Student Experience (ASD/JCAMD)
Janette Harris, Learning and Teaching Coordinator

London Metropolitan University