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Guidelines for Authors


Guidelines for authors

General information

Page one should include only the title (in capitals), your name, professional address and email address. We will add at the bottom of the page, ‘The views expressed in this paper are those of the author, and do not represent the collective view of ISET.’

Page two should include an abstract of no more than 200 words, and 5-8 key words. Page to be headed ABSTRACT. If you wish to add any acknowledgements, then do so after the abstract under a heading, ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. These might be acknowledgments to a funding body, to colleagues, or - in the case of a seminar or conference paper - where this was presented.

Paper layout

The paper should be in Arial font size 12, and should be 1.5 spaced. Justify to fit page width rather than left align. Do not number the title page. The second page should be numbered page 1. All page numbers should be bottom and centred.


There can be up to three levels of heading, all of which should be left aligned..
· First level - bold, capitals
· Second level - bold, lower case
· Third level - bold, italics, lower case

Number all diagrams and figures as Figure 1 etc.

Use footnotes rather than end notes if these are required. Do not use footnotes for referencing, only for adding additional comments that would otherwise break up the flow of your argument.

Referencing and Footnotes

References in the text should be of the form:
Lucas (2005: 121-5) or
(Lucas 2005: 121-5)

The full list of references at the end of the papers should be internally consistent, but there is no single preferred style.


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