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Rosemary Stott

Principal Lecturer in Film Studies
Learning and Teaching Facilitator for the Department of Humanities, Arts, Languages and Education


PhD, Reading University                                                                   

Background and Career
Research Interests and Activities

MA Film and Television Studies, Westminster University
PGCE in Further and Higher Education, Manchester University
BA Hons French and German, Oxford University

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

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Background and Career

Rosemary combines the role of Learning and Teaching Facilitator in the Department of Humanities, Arts, Languages and Education with her teaching in the Film Studies section of the Faculty. Her teaching is on the undergraduate and postgraduate Film Studies degrees, as well as on the MA Education Studies. In the past she has taught on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Film Studies, German Area Studies and Applied Translation. She is module convenor of the Higher Education Orientation module for Film Studies (‘Film and Identity’), which reflects her interest and expertise in the first year of undergraduate study. 

Her specialist area of teaching is European film. On the undergraduate programme, she convenes modules on the interdependence between Europe and Hollywood (‘Europe meets Hollywood’, early German cinema (‘Weimar Cinema’) and German cinema since 1945 (‘New German Cinema’). On the MA Film Studies, she teaches her specialist areas of research on a number of modules, but convenes ‘Transnational Cinema History’, which explores a number of case studies in film history from a transnational perspective. On the MA Education, she tutors on the modules ‘Web Based Learning and Teaching’ and ‘Applying Learning Technologies’, drawing on her considerable experience in online learning.

Modules currently and recently taught:

Film and Identity
Weimar Cinema
New German Cinema
Europe meets Hollywood
Transnational Film History (MA)
Web Based Learning and Teaching (MA Education)

Research Interests and Activities

Rosemary’s main research interest is cinema in East Germany. Her PhD thesis, completed at the Centre for East German Studies at Reading University, was focused on the western film import in East German from 1971 to 1989. She has published widely on East German cinema and her book on the cinema industry in East Germany and the reception of western films there is to be published by Peter Lang in 2011. Other research interests include DEFA (East German) film, contemporary German film and African cinema.



Book Publications:

Crossing the Wall: The Western Feature Film Import in East Germany (Peter Lang, 2011).

Published journal articles and chapters in books:

‘Changing Constructions of cross-border romance in post-1989 German Film’, in Renate Rechtien and Dennis Tate (eds.), Twenty Years On: Competing Memories of the GDR in Postunification Germany (New York: Camden House, 2011).

‘Revolutionary Fiction: The Baader Meinhof Complex and other representations of the Red Army Faction in German film’, Twentieth Century Communism. A Journal of International History, Issue 2 Communism and Political Violence, May 2010, 180-196.

‘Films from the other side: The Influence of the Cold War Conflict on the West German feature film import in the GDR’, in Two Nations, One People? The German Cold-War Experience (Oxford: Berghahn, 2010).

‘Ein Kino der Pflicht und der Kür? - Die Funktion des westlichen Importfilms für das Lichtspielwesen der DDR’, in Views from Abroad. Die DDR aus britischer Perspektive, (Bielefeld: Bertelsmann Verlag, 2007).

‘Vom sozialkritischen Film zum Blockbuster-Phänomen: Der Hollywood-Film in der DDR in den siebziger Jahren’, in Uta Balbier und Christiane Rösch, Geliebter Klassenfeind. Das schwierige Verhältnis zwischen der DDR und den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, 1949 - 1989 (Berlin: Christoph Links, 2006).

‘The British Feature Film Import in the GDR’, in Stefan Berger and Norman Laporte (eds.),The Other Germany. Perceptions and Influences in British-East German Relations, 1945-1990 (Augsburg: Wißner-Verlag, 2005).

‘Continuity and Change in GDR Cinema Programming Policy 1979-1989: the Case of the American Science Fiction Import’, in German Life and Letters, Volume LV No. 1 (January 2002).

‘Entertained by the Class Enemy: Cinema Programming Policy in the German Democratic Republic’, in Diana Holmes and Alison Smith (eds.), 100 Years of European Cinema: Entertainment or Ideology? (Manchester University Press, 2000).

‘Der Geist aus der Flasche: DEFA Filmmakers in Film und Fernsehen 1973 - 1988’, in Sean Allan and John Sandford (eds.), DEFA: East German Cinema 1946 - 1992 (Berghahn, Oxford, 1999).

‘The Reception of the American Cinema in the GDR 1970 - 1989’, in Steve Giles and Peter Graves (eds.), From Classical Shades to Vickers Victorious: Shifting Perspectives in British German Studies (Peter Lang, Berne, 1999).



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