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Sergio Salis

Sergio joined the ISET in September 2006 as a Research Fellow in the European Integration Research Group, where he collaborates with Prof. Williams in an EPSRC funded project aimed at empirically investigating how inter- and intra-firm knowledge transfers affect the productivity of UK companies in the retail sector. The research is conducted in the spirit of ISET in that, by paying particular attention to the foreign-ownership dimension of the firms, it gives the knowledge-productivity nexus in the UK retailing a global perspective. Sergio's current research specifically focuses on the relationship between human resources management and workplace performance/productivity.

During his PhD in Economics at the University of Cagliari (Italy), awarded in May 2005, Sergio worked on the causal relationship between foreign direct investment and economic growth in developing countries. In the past two years, as a research fellow at the same university, he developed his interest for Applied Microeconomics, with particular focus on evaluation policy, foreign ownership and firm productivity.

Prior to his PhD Sergio obtained an MSc in Economics at the University of Essex, UK.


Published reports

Bella, G., Massidda, C., Merella V. and S. Salis (2005), "Una fotografia fedele con i tanti segni della crisi dal nuovo rapporto dell'economia provinciale," in Sviluppo - Quaderno Economico Oristanese vol. 2, pp. 21-127. (Prepared during Mar - May 2005 for the Chamber of Commerce of Oristano and presented at the Day of the Economy, 12 May 2005, Oristano, Italy). An Italian version is available online at Rapporto sull'economia della provincia di Oristano

Working papers

Salis, S. (2006), 'Evaluating the Causal Effect of Foreign Acquisition on Domestic Performances: The Case of Slovenian Manufacturing Firms,' William Davidson Institute Working Paper No. 803.

Presentations at conferences and workshops

NOeG Conference 2006, Vienna University of Technology, 5-6 May 2006 (in the Conference Papers and Proceedings, CD version).

First Ph.D. Presentation Meeting, London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), 28-29 January 2006.

ONS Analysis of Enterprise Microdata Conference 2005, University of Cardiff (UK), 7-9 September 2005 (in the Conference Papers and Proceedings).

Foreign Direct Investment, International Trade and Competition Workshop (meeting of CNR Group on International Economics and Development), University of Urbino (Italy), 27-28 May 2005.

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