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Marko Bojcun

Marko Bojcun studied history and politics at the Universities of Toronto (BA 1973), Glasgow (M.Litt 1977) and York, Canada (PhD 1985). His dissertations focused on modern Ukrainian history and Soviet politics.

During the latter half of the 1980s he contributed extensively to the British press, radio and television on a range of issues concerning the reform and eventual collapse of the Soviet Union. Since 1991 he has studied the evolution of the Ukrainian state, the transitions in Eastern Europe to capitalism and the eastwards expansion of the European Union. His current research focuses on the dynamics of state building and on contemporary migrations across Asia and Europe.


Postgraduate Teaching

MA in International Relations,
MA in Modern European Studies, and
MA in International and European Studies through Problem Based Learning.

Supervision of the following research degrees:

1998 - 2001: PhD, Yuliya Khoroshilova, 'British and American Relations with Independent Ukraine 1917-1921 and 1991-1994'

1991 - 1994: PhD, Ahmed Sanverdi, 'Turkey's orientation to Europe: past, present and future'

Selected Publications

Authored Books

Ukraine and Europe: a difficult reunion (Kogan Page, London, 2001), 64 pp.

The Chernobyl Disaster (with Viktor Haynes) (Chatto and Windus, London, 1988)

Journal Articles

‘The European Union’s perspective on the Ukrainian-Russian border’, in Ukrayinsko-rosiyske porubizhzhia: formuvannia sotsialnoho prostoru v istoriyi ta suchaniy politytsi (The Ukrainian-Russian borderland and the formation of a social territory in history and contemporary politics), (Kyiv, Kennan Institute/Stylos, 2003) pp. 17-33.

‘Ukraine and European Integration’, in Journal of Ukrainian Studies, Vol. 26:1-2, 2001, pp. 271-286.

‘Russia, Ukraine and European Integration’, European University Institute Working Paper HEC No. 2001/4, EUI (San Domenico Italy, 2001) 22 pp.

‘Where is Ukraine? Civilisation and Ukraine’s Identity’ in Problems of Post Communism, Vol. 48:5, pp. 42-51 (September-October 2001)

‘Approaches to the Study of the Ukrainian Revolution 1917-21’ in Journal of Ukrainian StudiesI Vol 24:1 (1999)

‘The Ukrainian Economy since Independence’ in Working Papers in Ukrainian Studies Vol. 1 (1999)

‘Leonid Kuchma’s Presidency in its first year’ in Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 1-2 (1995).

‘The Ukrainian Parliamentary Elections of March-April 1994’ in Europe-Asia Studies, Vol 47:2 (1995)

Chapters in Edited Books

‘Trade, Investment and Debt: Ukraine’s Integration into World Markets’ in A. Fisun and T. Zhurzhenko (eds) World-System Theory and Contemporary Global Transformations (Kharkiv University Press, 2002) pp.109-117


Eastern Europe and European Integration: A Collection of Public Documents 1990-2000 (University of North London, 2001)

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