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Lucy Bland

Dr Lucy Bland has taught Women’s Studies at London Metropolitan University since 1987. Prior to this she taught Sociology at Hatfield Polytechnic. Her research includes: miscegenation practices and debates in interwar Britain; feminist history; issues of gender and race, 1880s - 1930s, in Britain and the British Empire; history of sexualities, 1880s - present; gender, race and popular culture, 1880s - present.

Lucy is a member of the Feminist Review editorial collective. She is currently writing a book entitled ‘Treacherous Women: Sex, Race and Crime in the Age of the Flapper’.


Postgraduate Teaching

Co-ordinator of MA Modern British Women’s History

Selected Recent Publications

Banishing the Beast: Feminism, Sex and Morality, 2nd edition, (I B Taurus, 2002)

Sexology Uncensored: the Documents of Sexual Science, (Polity Press, Cambridge; University of Chicago, 1998) (with Laura Doan)

Sexology in Culture: Labelling Bodies and Desires, (Polity Press, Cambridge; University of Chicago, 1998) (with Laura Doan)

Journal Articles
‘The Trials and Tribulations of Edith Thompson: the Capital Crime of Sexual Incitement in 1920s England’ Journal of British Studies 2008 (forthcoming)

‘British Eugenics and "Race Crossing": an Interwar Investigation’, in Special Issue on ‘Eugenics New and Old’, New Formations 60, 2007
'White Women and Men of Colour: Miscegenation Fears in Britain after the Great War' in Gender & History, Vol 17, issue 1, 2005

Chapters in Edited Books

‘The Trial of Madame Fahmy: Orientalism, Sexual Perversity, Violence and the Fear of Miscegenation’ in Shani D’Cruze (ed) Everyday Violence in Britain: Gender and Class (Longman, 2000)

‘Maud Allan (1873-1956)’ in Bonnie Zimmerman (ed) Encyclopaedia of Homosexuality, Volume 1: Lesbian Histories and Cultures (Garland Publishing Inc., USA, 1999)

‘Trial by Sexology? Maud Allan, Salome and the "Cult of the Clitoris" Case’ in Lucy Bland and Laura Doan (eds) Sexology in Culture: Labelling Bodies and Desires (Polity Press, 1998)

‘Thinking Sex Historically’ (with Frank Mort) in L Segal (ed) New Sexual Agendas (Macmillan, 1996)

Feminist Review Special Issue on ‘Sexual Moralities’, no 83, (co-edited) 2006

Women’s Studies Group, CCCS Women Take Issue: aspects of women’s subordination (Reissued) Routledge, 2006

Feminist Review ‘Exile and Asylum: Women seeking refuge in Fortress Europe’, No. 73 (co-edited) 2003

Feminist Review ‘Fashion and Beauty’, No 71 (co-edited) 2002

Feminist Review ‘Negotiations and Resistances’, No. 63 (co-edited) 1999

Radio 3, ‘Night Waves’: ‘History of Prostitution’, (interview) 2006

Channel 4 "Forbidden Fruit" (consultation and interview) 2003

Radio 4 ‘Revolution in Five Acts’ (interview) 2001

Radio 4 ‘Women’s Hour’ (various interviews) 1996-2001

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