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Circular Migration Patterns in Southern and Central Eastern Europe - METOIKOS. European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals

Dr Nick Mai is currently directing the Italo-Albanian section of the
METOIKOS project on 'Circular migration patterns in Southern and Central
Eastern Europe: Challenges and opportunities for migrants and policy
makers',  based at the European University Institute in Florence and
funded by the EU (2009-11).

The METOIKOS project looks at circular migration patterns in three
European regions: southeastern Europe and the Balkans (Greece, Italy and
Albania); southwestern Europe and the Maghreb (Spain, Italy and Morocco);
and Central Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine).

More specifically, METOIKOS studies the links between different types of
circular migration and processes of integration (in the country of
destination) and reintegration (in the source country).

It identifies the main challenges and opportunities involved in circular
migration for source countries, destination countries and migrants (and
their families) and develops new conceptual instruments for the analysis
of circular migration and integration.

The project will also develop policy recommendations (a Guide for Policy
Makers, available in 10 European languages) for local, regional and
national policy makers as to how to frame circular migration with
appropriate (re-)integration policies.
Funded by the European Commission, DG JLS,
European Fund for the Integration of Third Country National


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