London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Postgraduate Profile

Darren Waldron

I graduated with a BA (Hons) in French and Information Technology in 1995
and then returned to do a Masters in Research and a PhD in French cinema,
which I completed in 2003. I came to London Metropolitan (which was the
Polytechnic of North London at the time) mainly because I really liked the
French degree programme on offer, and also because of its diverse student
population in terms of age, social background and status. I really enjoyed
the whole experience of being a student at London Metropolitan. The
teaching and learning culture was outstanding and has had a profound
influence on my career since leaving the university. I have been a
Lecturer in French at the University of Manchester for almost 7 years and
have been awarded for my teaching which, I strongly believe, was
influenced by the excellent pedagogical practice that I experienced at
London Metropolitan. I am about to publish my thesis as a book and this
too I put down to the diligence and expertise of my PhD supervisors at
London Metropolitan. I am extremely proud to be an alumnus of a university
which strongly and actively promotes equal opportunities and widening
participation at higher education level.


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