London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Current PhD students

Jennifer Akinsuyi: High Heels to the Top: Corporeality and Embodiment of Professional Women at Work
Director of Studies: Irene Gedalof
Supervisor: Cilla Ross

Maria Elfani: The Impact of National Minimum Wages on the Non-Wage Benefits of Labour Migrants - Evidence from the UK
Director of Studies: Mary Hickman
Supervisor: Eugenia Markova Nick Mai

Chris Ford:  Ukrainian Independentist Social-Democrats and Communists 1914 - 1925: The dialectics of National Liberation and Social Emancipation
Director of Studies; Marko Bojcun
Supervisor: Mike Newman

Christina Giannikas: Primary English Teaching in Greece: a study of teaching and learning contexts.
Director of Studies: Klaus Fischer 
External Supervisor Janet Enever

Calogero Giametta: The impact of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity on Contemporary Migration to the UK
Director of Studies: Irene Gedalof
Supervisors: Nick Mai 

Chrissy Hunter:Trans Identities and Expressions: Gender Normativity, Resistance, Culture and the Law
Director of Studies: Irene Gedalof
Supervisors: Nick Mai  Fiona Colgan

Terese Johnsson: Challenging 'White Feminism': Race and the Women's Movement
Supervisors: Irene Gedalof  Lucy Bland

Valerie Lawson-Last: The impact of the PDS in the Western part of Germany.
Director of Studies:Marko Bojcun 
Supervisors: Gus Fagan Mike Newman

Anna Masing: Indigenous women's motivations for and experiences of migrating from the Borneo jungles to urban areas of Malaysia and abroad
Supervisors: Irene Gedalof Lucy Richardson Tamsin Bradley

Aidan McKearney: Identity, Inclusion, Lifestyle and Career - a comparative study of lesbian, gay and bisexual people living and working in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
Director of Studies: Fiona Colgan
Supervisor: Irene Gedalof Linda Johnson

Lucinda Newns: At Home in the Metrople: The domestic Unheimliche in fictional narratives of postcolonial migration
Supervisors: Irene Gedalof  Carolyn Hart  Rita Christian

Marcio Pessoa:  Defiant civil society in African competitive authoritarian regimes (comparative study between Angola, Mozambique and Zimbabwe)
Supervisor: Monica Threlfall

Smita Ray: Experiences and Difficulties of English Language Learning and Social Cohesion of South Asian Women in the British Society.
Director of Studies: Lyn Thomas
Supervisors: Helen Crowley

Yansie Rolston: Understanding disability equality: an investigation into the social and cultural factors that impact upon the lives of disabled people in Trinidad and Tobago.
Supervisors: Irene Gedalof Christina Schwabenland  Clem Seecharan

Trevor Scott: Alternative Ulster: Voices of political radicalism, cultural empowerment and social dissent within the Loyalist paramilitary experience in Northern Ireland since 1966.
Director of Studies: Mary Hickman
Supervisor: Jonathan Moore

Tabitha Smith: Gender, Embodiment and Performativity in Performance Poetry.
Supervisors: Briar Wood  Sarah Law

Jana Sulikova: The potential of history education at pre-university level in addressing the negative impact of nationalism on European integration: the case of Slovakia.
Director of Studies: Marko Bojcun
Supervisor: Mike Newman



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