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Gender and Sexualities Special Interest Group

ISET has a long-standing research interest in issues around gender and sexualities within the framework of social, economic and cultural change in Europe - see our Working Paper Series, especially Nos. 2, 4, 10, 11, and 17.

This engagement is part of the Institute's commitment to the study of Europe 'from below', encompassing questions of how men and women and trans-gender people relate – both in collaboration and contestation - to each other and to the political structures under which they live.

At a time when all the social and gendered discriminations are being brought under one umbrella in the UK and at EU level, whether for policy or administrative purposes, voices have been raised in concern at the way overall non-discrimination policies can easily cease to address gender and sexuality in particular. Therefore it is important for researchers to find a research community in which to maintain a separate analytical focus on this key area of personal and political life.

The Gender and Sexualities Special Interest Group thus provides a space for those who are engaged with this field at London Metropolitan University - especially in the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, both academic staff, postgraduate and research students - to come together in an informal and intellectually supportive environment to share ideas and writing projects. The theoretical approach of the group is broad, open to all contributions from within feminist, social, cultural and political theory.

The Group was launched in the summer of 2010 and meets two or three times a year. - Its 1st meeting adopted the format of having semi-structured presentations highlighting work in progress and research problems rather than findings, with the group offering constructive comments and suggestions for solutions to methodological sticky research issues. - The 2nd meeting on 18 October 2010 heard a presentation on the problems involved in capturing the historical impact of women's movements. - The 3rd meeting on 28 February 2011 discussed PGR student Calogero Giametta's dissertation project on gender, sexuality and migration.
4th meeting on 16 May 2011 heard presentations from Janet Bowstead, PGR CWASU and Nick Mai, Reader in Migration Studies, ISET.

Forthcoming: 15 November 2011

Ms. María E. López, Senior Lecturer, Spanish and Latin American Studies, FASSH, Londonmet.
PhD thesis on Latin American culture submitted at UCL. Viva will take place mid-January. - The representation of homophobia in revolutionary Cuba through a brief introduction of one of the most acclaimed dissident Cuban gay writers, Reinaldo Arenas (1943-1990)
Dr.Wendy Stokes, Law & Government, Londonmet, - Presentation of a research project on The 300 Group (which advocated there should be 300 women MPs in the House of Commons)

For further information, please contact the Convener, Dr Monica Threlfall,

Staff Members
Irene Gedalof
Nick Mai
Monica Threlfall


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