Paul Hill Prison Letters (1974-89)
This collection of over 600 letters written by Paul Hill of the 'Guildford Four' constitutes the most historically significant collection of papers so far housed by the Archive. The collection also includes Hill's heavily annotated prison bible

St. Patrick's Day Programmes (1922-75)
Programmes and related materials from St. Patrick's Day concerts and other events organised by groups such as the Gaelic League of London and the Irish Chaplaincy in Britain

Winifred M. Patton Collection (1899-1914)
Manuscripts and typescripts of poems and short stories by the London Irish writer who died in 1914

Maguire Seven and Guildford Four Bomb Trials (1974-77)
Interviews, statements, confessions, lawyers' notes, press cuttings and trial transcripts collected at the time of the trials

Anti-Partition League of Great Britain (1938-39)
Letters and branch reports of the Anti-Partition League in Britain prior to the outbreak of the Second World War

CRE and the Irish Community in Britain (1989-97)
Documents relating to the campaign for recognition of the Irish in Britain as a distinct ethnic group and the subsequent research report published by the Commission for Racial Equality.

GLC Irish Liaison Group (1983-86)
Documents related to funding and campaigning for Irish community organisations within the Greater London Council.

Gaelic League of London Collection (1933-87)
Documents, photographs, letters and ephemera related to the organisation's activities over five decades

Gerry Harrison Collection (1995-2001)
Documents related to the work with the Irish community in the London Borough of Camden by Councilor Gerry Harrison

Alan Clinton Collection (1982-95)
Documents related to work with the Irish community in Britain by the former member of the Irish Studies Centre and former leader of Islington Council who died in 2005

Rare Book Collection
Histories, autobiographies and fictional accounts of the Irish in Britain dating from the late nineteenth century to the present day

Age Exchange Reminiscence Collection (1987-94)
Audio recordings, transcripts, book and video recording of interviews and stage-show about London Irish pensioners recollections of migration to Britain devised by Pam Schweitzer MBE

A Slice of Ireland Collection (2004)
Porcelain cups and saucers, tablecloth, etchings, photographs, video recordings and documents relating to the multi-media exhibition by Nicola Lane and Theresa Pateman based on the lives of Kilburn irish Pensioners Group

County Associations Collections (1955-present)
Collections of minutes books, reports, newsletters and other documentation from twenty three separate Irish county associations as well as the Council for Irish County Associations

Troops Out Movement Collection (1973-95)
Collection of minutes, letters, posters, pamphlets and magazines compiled by founding member of the organisation, Alistair Renwick