The Archive collections consist of materials donated in a number of different media over the last twenty years. The original collections were inherited by the university from the Irish in Britain History Group in 1989 and have been substantially augmented since.

A number of special collections of primary source materials, the most significant of which are the Paul Hill Prison Letters (1974-89). Other special collections include St.Patrick's Day programmes dating from 1922 and correspondence of the Anti-Partition League of Great Britain from 1938-39.


Prison letter from Paul Hill to his mother (26th December 1979)


This is the largest and most extensive part of the Archive. It is divided into three broad categories of culture, politics and welfare. Within these categories, there are numerous sub-categories, some related to specific issues and some related to specific community groups. The collections are in the main made up of 'grey literature' i.e. reports, newsletters, publicity leaflets and other forms of documentation produced by Irish community organisations in Britain from 1945 to the present day.


Scarborough Irish Festival programme (June 1988)


Articles written about the Irish in Britain over the last 150 years from academic journals, newspapers and other sources. Priority for inclusion is given to articles not readily available in current periodicals.


The London Irish  (article, 1901)


Student projects, dissertations and theses on all aspects of the Irish experience in Britain. Whilst most of the work in this collection is of undergraduate level, much of it covers topics unresearched or under-researched elsewhere. The Archive welcomes copies of student research on any subject related to the Irish in Britain.


The Contemporary Racialization of the Irish in Britain  PhD Thesis by Sarah Morgan, 1997


Book Collection

Books by and about the Irish in Britain housed in the university's Learning Centre.

Indicative of the collection, are the following texts:-

Davis, Graham - The Irish in Britain 1815-1914 (1991)

Foster, R F - Paddy and Mr. Punch: Connections in Irish and English History (1993)

Hickman, Mary J - Religion Class and Identity: the State, the Catholic Church and the Education of the Irish in Britain (1995)

Lees, Lynn Hollen - Exiles of Erin: Irish Migrants in Victorian London (1979)

Swift, Roger & Gilley, Sheridan - The Irish in Britain 1815-1939 (1989)

See also 'Special Collections'

London Irish (novel by John Broderick, 1979


Newspaper and Journal Collection

The primary newspaper collection is the bound collection of The Irish Post dating back to 1971 and housed in the university's Learning Centre. Other collections include copies of The London Irish News, The Irish Democrat and Irish Studies in Britain journal.

Front page of 1st issue of The Irish Post newspaper, 13th February 1970


The Archive holds a collection of prints by Joanne O'Brien dating from the early 1980s along with a small collection of other photographs dating back to the 1950s. As this is one of the least well endowed collections in the Archive, copies of photographs on any aspect of the Irish in Britain are most welcome.


Irish dancing competition prize-giving, Whitechapel


A collection of oral history interviews, lectures given to the Irish in Britain History Group in 1980s, radio programmes about the Irish in Britain and recordings of the Irish Studies Centre Public Lecture Series.


Terence McSwiney Memorial Lectures poster, 1986


Video recordings of television programmes and films made about the Irish in Britain over the last forty years, including material donated to the Archive by the Activision Irish Video Project

Video Collection - embarkation


Posters publicising a variety of political, cultural and social events related to the Irish in Britain over the last thirty years.

Anti-Prevention of Terrorism Act poster


Ephemera Collection

A small collection which includes Irish step dance medals, tee-shirts, sporting shields, rosettes, sashes and banners.

The Ballygombeen Bequest publicity postcard for production of play by 7:84 Theatre Company