Lecture Recordings

Irish in Britain History Group Lectures (1986-87)

1. Noel O'Connell - The Irish in London in the 1950s

2. Charles McCarthy - The De La Salle Brothers in Britain 1855-1975

3. Moy McCrory - Growing Up Irish in Liverpool

4. Bronwen Walter - Walking Behind: Irish Women's Labour Migration

5. Fr. Bobby Gilmore - The Irish Chaplaincy Scheme in Britain

6. Ann Rossiter - The Historiography of Irish Women's Oppression

7. Liz Curtis - Irish People and the Media

8. Margaret Gralton - Jimmy Gralton and the South Limerick Soviet

9. Steve Fielding - Irish Politics in Manchester 1890-1914

10. Harry O'Brien - The Irish in London 1914-22

11. Kevin McGimpskey - The Irish Community in London: An Anthropological Study 1987

Irish Studies Centre Public Lectures (1996-2003)

1. Bernadette McAliskey - The Northern Ireland Peace Process: Who is Negotiating What on Whose Behalf?

2. Edna O'Brien - James Joyce: A Personal View

3. Bill Rolston - The Murals of Northern Ireland: Past, Present and Future

4. Fintan O'Toole - Green, White and Black: Ireland and Racial Identity

5. Bertie Ahern - Ireland and Britain: A New Relationship for a New Future

6. Seamus Deane - From the Gothic to the Modern: Irish Fiction 1850-1930

7. Fergal Keane - Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies: An Agenda for Hope

8. Helena Kennedy QC - Changing Identities: Ireland and Britain in the 21st Century

9. Terry Eagleton - Saint Oscar

10. Panel Debate: European Integration and the Euro

11. Mary McAleese - An Address by the President of Ireland

Oral History Recordings

London (1986-87)

1R. Josaphine Ryan

2R. Paudie

3R. Kathleen Ruth

4R. Margaret Quirke

Aileen M

5R. Pat Carney


6R. Ann Rossiter

7R. Mary Gilligan

8R. Pat McNiff

9R. Tom Durkin

10R. Padraig O Conchuir

11R. Anonymous male

12R. Seoirse O Broin

13R. Maggie O'Neill

14R Pat McNiff (Recitations)

15R. Pat McNiff (Recitations)

Seamus O'Brien (Recitations)

When Did You Come Over? The Story of Irish Migration to Britain (June 2000)
(a selection of extracts from the audio collection)

1 Tom - Unemployed in England in 1930s

2 Pat - Office Work in London in 1960s

3 Kathleen - Nursing in Surrey in the 1940s

4 Ellen - Domestic Service in Cricklewood in 1930s

5 Margaret - Factory Work in the South of England in 1940s

6 Moy - Growing up in Liverpool in 1960s

7 John - Farm Labouring in Lancashire in 1930s

8 Aileen - Retail Work in Liverpool in 1960s

Birmingham (October, 2001)

B1 Kevin Murray (Co. Donegal)

B2 Martin Cotter (Co. Clare)

Anthony Duffy (Birmingham)

B3 John Fitzgerald (Co. Wexford)

B4 Queenie Monaghan (Co. Wicklow)

Bridie (Co Mayo)

Terry (Co. Leitrim)

Mike Nangle (Co. Armagh)

Radio Recordings

Gone to England (Radio Eireann, 1991)

1. 1950s Emigrants

2. New Wave Emigrants

3. High Flyers

4. Second Generation Irish

5. Racism, Prejudice and Stereotypes

6. Integration

7. Politics

8. The Irish Scene

9. Britain: A Dumping Ground for Irish Social Problems

10. Over and Back

11. An Overview

The Irish in Britain (BBC Radio 5 Live, 1996)

1. Construction Workers

2. Women

3. Racism and Discrimination

4. Second and Third generation

5. Culture and Identity

6. Ireland and Britain

The Irish in Wales (BBC Radio Wales)

Irish Studies at the Polytechnic of North London
('The Open Mind', Radio Eireann, 1992)

The Irish Studies Centre at the Polytechnic of North London
('Irish Insight', BBC Radio London, 9th May 1989)

Recent Irish Women's Migration to Britain
('Women's Hour', BBC Radio 4, 1992?)

After the Burial - (poem by Moya Cannon about Irish traveller in London)
('The Open Mind', Radio Eireann, 1992?)

Irish Writers in London Summer School
('Irish London', BBC GLR, June 1997)

Becoming the Rose - Bridget O'Connor (radio drama)
(BBC Radio 4)

Raising Patrick Doherty - Jessica Townshend (radio drama)
(BBC Radio 4)

The Favourite (documentary about Irish traditional music sessions in a Holloway pub)
(BBC Radio 4, 2nd December 2004)