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This database can provide bibliographic data and references to materials that might be of interest for teachers and lecturers in citizenship education. Use this page to search for books, articles, websites and other publications.

To use the database, simply type the words that best describe your interests. Suggestions: citizenship, socialisation, identity. If you are interested in children of a particular age, simply type in the age in numerals.

The results page lists the individual documents in the data file that match your request. Clicking on the Title will take you to a full description of the item.

If there is a PDF icon in the Link column, this gives a direct link to a downloadable CiCe publication. (CiCe members, officials of the European Commission and Parliament can download multiple copies of documents: other users may download a single copy for personal use.) If 'URL' is visible in the Link column, this gives a direct link to an external website. We are not responsible for the content of external websites.


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