The Newsletter of the Network
Issue 36: September 2003


Kraków Conference latest
Year 2 Working Group members
Vacancies on Year 2 Working Groups
Budget difficulties in 2003-04

A Europe of Many Cultures in press
Further Trentham books commissioned
First 3 CiCe Guidelines published
MA Course Development Project launch

Kraków Conference update

Arrangements are advanced for the sixth CiCe Conference, to be hosted by the Uniwersytet Jagiellonski in Kraków, Poland on 20 - 22 May 2004. This year's theme is The Experience of Citizenship, and we are inviting papers under four particular thematic areas:

We will, of course also welcome other papers that address the nature of Citizenship Education. Our main speaker for the conference has been confirmed as Professor Zygmunt Bauman (see below). We will also have key note speeches from CiCe's Anne-Marie van den Dries (of the Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen) and another speaker, still to be confirmed.

The conference will have a similar structure to that at Braga this year. Working Group members will arrive on the Tuesday before the conference, and continue with their work in parallel sessions. They will make preliminary presentations to the conference in order to get the widest possible feedback. There will also be opportunities to hear from the Resources Group and the MA Group on developments, and for individuals to present papers. We would like as many CiCe members as possible to attend - each member institution has two free places - but we also want to attract a wide range of outside people. We would particularly like non-members to attend, because

We are particularly grateful to Professor Adam Niemczynski of Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, who is making many local arrangements for the conference.

Professor Zygmunt Bauman confirmed as guest speaker

We are delighted that Professor Bauman, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Leeds and at the University of Warsaw, has agreed to address the Conference. He served as Professor of Sociology at Leeds from 1972 until his retirement in 1990 and was formerly of the University of Warsaw until 1968 and the University of Tel Aviv. He is known throughout the world for works such as Legislators and Interpreters (1987), Modernity and the Holocaust (1989), Modernity and Ambivalence (1991) and Postmodern Ethics (1993). He is also the author of some 20 other books in English and of numerous articles and reviews. A full bibliography can be found in the festschrift dedicated to him: R. Kilminster and I. Varcoe (eds.) Culture, Modernity and Revolution: Essays in Honour of Zygmunt Bauman (Routledge, 1996). Professor Bauman's reputation, although already well-established by the 1970s in Western Europe and North America as well as throughout the then Eastern Bloc, grew at an especially rapid rate in the late 1980s, and today he is described variously as one of the twentieth century's great social theorists and the world's foremost sociologist of postmodernity. His undeniable success is built not only on his powers of creative thought and analysis and his superb sociological acumen, but also on his literary skill as a writer and expositor. Zygmunt Bauman was awarded the Amalfi European Prize in 1990 and the Adorno Prize in 1998. These are among the highest honours that can be bestowed on a sociologist, indicating his European and world standing.

Kraków world heritage sites

Kraków is a particularly attractive city: the centre - Kraków Old Town Historical District (where the conference will be held, and where we hope that delegates will be staying) - is a World Heritage site. There are also two other World Heritage sites close by.

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Year 2 Working Group members

We have now finalised most of the membership of the new working groups for the coming year. The first set of group meetings will take place in a special seminar, to be held in Kortrijk, Belgium, on the 23 - 25 October (details have been sent to those who are attending). The membership of the groups is as follows:

10. Guidelines on practice, quality and delivery for undergraduates and pre-service courses
Marie Clarke (National University of Ireland) IE
Magda Danciu (Universitatea din Oradea) RO
Helle Kjaerulff (Slagelse Seminariet) DK

11. Guidelines on practice, quality and delivery for postgraduate courses
It was agreed that the MA Group would take this on as the brief is very close to their existing work.

12. Guidelines on practice, quality and delivery for research degree courses
Arja Virta (Turun Yliopisto) FI
Chris Holligan (University of Paisley, Scotland) UK
Alistair Ross (London Metropolitan University) UK

13. Guidelines on practice, quality and delivery for in-service qualifications for professional courses
Leena Graeffe (U. Helsinki) FI
Vaiva Zuzeviciute (Vytauto Didžiojo Universitetas) LT

14. Guidelines on Citizenship Education and the Inclusion of Vulnerable Young People
Catherine T'Joen (KATHO) BE
Suzanne Parkinson (University of Limerick) IE
Richard Étienne (Université Paul Valéry Montpellier III) FR

15. Guidelines on Aesthetic and Cultural Arts and Citizenship Education
Annemarie Dinvaut (IUFM de l'académie de Lyon) FR
Henrik Bak (Hindholm Socialpćdagogiske Seminarium) DK
Wim Kratsborn (Hanzehogeschool Groningen) NL

16. Guidelines on Environmental Education and Citizenship Education
Carmel Mulcahy (Dublin City University) IE
Nicole Tutiaux-Guillon (IUFM de l'académie de Lyon) FR

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Vacancies on Year 2 Working Groups

Two members have had to resign since being appointed, so we currently have the following vacancies:

13. Guidelines on practice, quality and delivery for in-service qualifications for professional courses.
This project is about to start: we need a volunteer urgently!

16. Guidelines on Environmental Education and Citizenship Education
This needs someone in place for when the work starts in May 2004

Volunteers must be members of staff of CiCe member institutions - we would warmly welcome new ones!

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Budget difficulties in 2003-04

The Socrates Office has confirmed our grant for 2003-4. This is substantially less that we calculated was necessary, so it is very important that we economise as much as possible and maximise income. We are particularly anxious to have as many as possible delegates at the conference in Kraków in May, and will welcome non-CiCe members.

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Braga Conference book A Europe of Many Cultures in press

The conference book from the Braga Conference, held in May earlier this year, is currently at the printers. We hope to be able to despatch copies to all CiCe member institutions and conference delegates early in October. The volume, at almost 500 pages, represents the Networks' largest conference to date, containing sixty-seven papers written by over 100 different authors from 24 different European countries, and three in the Americas.

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Further volumes in Trentham book series commissioned

With the fourth volume in the series now in press, work is starting on the next two volumes, to appear in 2004. These will look respectively at citizenship education and identify with younger children, and with other children/young people. Volume 5, dealing with younger children, is to be edited by Panayota (Titi) Papoulia-Tzelepi (Greece) and Sřren Hegstrup (Denmark). Volume 6, dealing with older pupils, will be edited by Márta Fülöp (Hungary) and Tilman Allert (Germany).

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First 3 CiCe Guidelines published

Our first three working groups completed their tasks in July, and their conclusions are published this month. Copies of each of the Guidelines

will be available in down-loadable Adobe .pdf format from our Dissemination site from November.

Congratulations and many thanks to the nine group members who worked so hard to get the first products of our second wave of activities completed on schedule.

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Launch of MA Course Development project

The European MA in Citizenship Education has now been given supporting funding for Curriculum Development from Erasmus, starting from October 2003. The Project leader, Christine Roland-Levy, is planning an initial meeting of all the 26 universities and colleges involved to be held in Paris from 21-23 November.

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