CiCe Newsletter 26

October 2001


  1. Dissemination Year gets the go-ahead from SOCRATES
  2. Four more states join CiCe
  3. Budapest 2002: Future Citizens in Europe
  4. Brugge Conference Book
  5. CiCe2 - your network needs YOU!
  6. Livelink
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Dissemination Year gets the go-ahead from SOCRATES

On 19 September we heard from the SOCRATES office that our bid for a Dissemination Year had been successful, and our plans for the launch on 1 October swung into action. The key role is being taken by our National Coordinators, who are translating the two-page Brief Report prepared by the Steering Group into national languages and distributing copies to all higher education institutions in their country. Translations are being placed on each country's Livelink area as they are received by the Central Coordination Unit (go to the Group Projects area, then select Countries to see your own version). Many National Coordinators are also coordinating Press Releases in their countries.

As soon as our funding was confirmed the 80-page Final Report was sent to the printers. All CiCe members will receive a copy, which is only available in English, as soon as it is available.

A special web site, which contains downloadable versions of the Final Report and also the national language versions of the Brief Report, has been created: this also has links to our existing site, and we hope that potential members will be encouraged to read all about us, offer additions to our work as described in the Reports and on the web, and to join us for our CiCe2 bid.

The Dissemination website is at

Four more states join CiCe

We are delighted to welcome members from Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia to CiCe. We now have member institutions in every eligible European state except Liechtenstein (which has no higher education institutions).

Budapest 2002: Future Citizens in Europe

We are now finalising plans for our fourth Conference, to be held in Budapest, Hungary, in May 2002. The Conference will open in the late afternoon of Thursday 16 May and run through all day on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May.

This will allow most delegates to travel to Budapest on the 16th to catch the opening speeches, and to take advantage of APEX flights to travel home on Sunday. We are delighted that the former Hungarian President Arpad Göntz has agreed to be the patron of the Conference, and we hope to announce other speakers a little later. Details will be added to the Conference section of the web site as they are finalised. On-line facilities for booking and for the submission of proposals for the Conference are already available.

Brugge Conference Book

This is now with the printers, and we expect to have copies available by the end of October. Everyone who was at the Conference, and all those who contributed to the papers presented there, will be sent a copy. Two copies will also be sent to each Institutional Coordinator: we hope at least one will be placed in each institution's library. Copies of the book, Learning for a Democratic Europe, are priced at €24.00. Orders can be sent to the Central Coordination Unit, or you can place an order on-line from the website (click on feedback/interactive at the intersection of the red and green lines on the map, and then choose order publications.

CiCe2 - your network needs YOU!

The Pre-Proposal, as outlined in Newsletter 25, will be submitted to DGXXII as part of the University of North London's Institutional Contract for 2002-2003. We will soon be contacting all our Institutional Coordinators asking for updates on the information we will be asked to provide if we are short-listed.

Volunteers wanted

If you would like to be a part of any of the groups we are proposing to direct and coordinate the various activities of CiCe2, please contact the Central Coordination Unit (email or any member of the Steering Group. The table in Newsletter 25 shows how each activity fits into the overall three-year plan for CiCe2.


1. Oops - the tube maps are not quite right!

If you have been using Livelink since Version 9 was installed you will probably have discovered that the 'tube' maps are not working as they should. We are working on this, but for the moment our advice is NOT to use the maps for navigating around Livelink. If you do find yourself presented with the login screen again (most often when you are coming back up the hierarchy) just enter the details again. This usually corrects the problem.

2. Notifications

You can set Livelink to send you an email telling you about changes to areas of particular interest. It is much easier to do this on Livelink 9 than it used to be. Suppose you want to know about changes in your Country area. From the start page, click on Group Projects and then on Country Groups. Find your country in the alphabetical list and click on the small blue arrow. From the Menu choose Notification and set the parameters to suit you.

3. Members' Database

Have you investigated this yet? It can be accessed from the opening screen via 1. The Network. Please check your own record, and let Cass know if there are errors, or if you want to change or add anything - details of your latest publications, for instance.

You can also search the database using any combination of criteria, so you could produce a list of all CiCe members in any country, or all those who have interests in economic learning for children aged 11-14 and who are also members of the Data Group! If you are looking for colleagues with particular interests with whom to cooperate, it is a wonderful way of producing a contact list very quickly.

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