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CiCe: Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe

Social, Economic and Political Learning and Understanding Within the European Context

The Newsletter of the Network
Issue 20: September 2000


CiCe Data Group meet and report on-line Planning for the Future
The CiCe Book Series: Agreement imminent LiveLink Usernames
Catalogue of Members 2000 Conference 2001 plans for Bruges
Changes to Committees 2001 - 2002 Proposals for the CiCe Dissemination Year
2002 -2005 CiCe Phase 2: New Activities

CiCe Data Group meet and report on-line

The CiCe Data group held its first meeting in London in late July. The minutes of the meeting were put on- line (through Livelink) at the meeting, and a discussion section started on data activities was launched in the Cybercafe discussion group area in Livelink.

The members of the group are Sarantis Cheirnis, Marie Clarke, Soren Hegstrup, Merryn Hutchings, Riitta Korhonen. Riita was elected chair, and will join the CiCe Steering Group. (Alistair Ross also attended this first meeting as facilitator):

Action by cice Groups

Minutes on all meetings should go on Livelink at the time of the meeting (this would serve partly as a training in the use of Livelink). It would also ensure that minutes are promptly put on Livelink, which will indicate that the network is active.

It was also suggested that each CiCe group should put questions about their discussions in the Cybercafe for all members to respond and comment on. These might include questions for discussion at the next meeting of the group (e.g. what topics would you like to discuss at the next conference?).

An e-mail should go to all members after each meeting of a CiCe group, telling them that they have met, and that their minutes are now available, and that there are new topics for debate in the Cybercafe.

Action by CiCe Administration

Regular emails will be sent to all members (say once a month) from the Central Coordination Unit. These might mention recent updates on Livelink. They may also include brief messages such as:

? Have you looked at Livelink recently? Try contributing to a debate in the Cybercafe today
? Have you forgotten or lost you Livelink password? Contact Cass or Martin at the Central Coordination Unit for help.

The Livelink handbook was thought to be very detailed and useful. However, it was agreed that there is also a need for some brief instructions about how to do specific actions on Livelink

Action Enhancing the Livelink site

The content of the site is to be developed by:

Action Research Hotlinks

Research Hotlinks includes some initial links to other pages. All members are encouraged to add links to relevant sites that they know about.

The CiCe Book Series: Agreement imminent

The Steering Group has been in negotiation with various publishers for over a year to secure the publication of series of text books for use in our courses with a strong European theme.

We are now almost at the final point of agreement with a major UK publisher to publish the first two volumes in the series next year.

We are arranging as part of the contract that all CiCe institutions will receive copies (probably three) of each book as part of their CiCe Membership. Additional copies will be available at commercial rates.

Final details of the contract and the first two volumes will be discussed at the Steering Group meeting to take place in Pecs at the end of September. The results will be sent to all CiCe members as soon as possible after this.

Catalogue of Members 2000

Each member should have received their copy of the new edition earlier in Septeniber. Thank you very much to all those members who returned their forms so promptly, and our apologies for the difficulties with our fax number - our fax machine chose that week to turn temperamental!

You will notice that the new edition does not contain the indexes - this is because the Members' Database on Livelink is now fully working, and you can use it to identify colleagues from all our member institutions in any combination of interests, countries, etc. If you haven't already tried this facility, do have a go - it's great fun. We have added instructions for using Livelink in this way to the Catalogue.

Please remember to keep us informed about any of your personal information which changes - we update our records on a daily basis. We only have space to list a few publications for each member, but we are very happy to add new work or to substitute those already there.

Changes to Committees

There have been a number of recent changes in conuiiittee memberships and roles in recent weeks.

Steering Group

New members

11 - 18 group

Margarita Limon, who has given a great deal to getting the 11 - 18 group started, has had to stand down because of pressure of work. We are all very grateful to her for her contributions, and look forward to working with her in CiCe in future.

New chair

New member

Data Group



National Coordinator

Keith Wood has had to stand down as UK National Coordinator because of pressure of work. Thanks to him for his fine work in taking on this role for the first two years.

New UK Coordinator

Planning for the Furture

This issue of the CiCe Newsletter is again accompanied by a series of invitations to join in a number of potential projects in our forthcoming Dissemination Year proposal (September 2001 - August 2002) and in our Phase 2 programme (2002- 2005).

We have to make plans for the Dissemination Year in the next few months, and to have the Phase 2 proposals ready in just over a year's time.

The CiCe Steering Group needs to know how many members wish to participate in future developments. They will be drawing up a series of plans in late October 2000 based on what members say in response to our invitations.

This Newsletter has three attachments, described more fully elsewhere:

In the Dissemination Year, we want individual members to give papers at any relevant educational conference about some aspect of the work of the CiCe Network. If you could give a paper at a conference, we will bid to support your costs to attend the conference. Even better - organise a CiCe Symposium at a Conference!

In Phase 2 of cice we invite members to participate in

(a) a Comenius Thematic network, involving some of your local school, and

(b) a programme developing undergraduate and post- graduate modules for use in your courses, and possibly contributing to a European MA in Citizenship Education.

If you are interested in any of these developments, we need initial expressions of interest in the immediate future: please fax your responses to the CiCe Office before October 20.

LiveLink Usernames

Currently we are generating usernames for all new members who have not yet received them, BUT we need your Essential Information for this. If your Catalogue entry does not include information about your Age Range interests and Areas of interest, you haven't sent us one. If this applies to you, there are two forms at the end of the Catalogue, or you can - use the electronic version on the CiCe web site, or contact the Central Coordination Unit and we'll emall, fax or post you a form.

If you have forgotten your Username let us know (email is quickest - If you have changed your password to a personal one and forgotten, we can't tell you what it was because this information is part of the security protection, but we can get a new standard one generated for you - usually this takes only a few days, so let us know!

Conference 2001 plans for Bruges

The CiCe 2001 Conference will be from May 9th to May 12th, in the Belgian City of Bruges. There will be meetings of the CiCe Committees on May 8th and of the National Co-ordinators on the morning of May 9th. Put these dates in your diary now, so that attendance is as full as possible!

The title of the Conference will be

Learning for a Democratic Europe.

Papers will be invited on the following themes

Internationally known keynote speakers are currently being invited to contribute. We expect to have keynote addresses from

The principal acadenfic speaker being invited is

The Conference will be the guests of the Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West Vlaanderen, and we will be welcomed by the President, Erik Haisburghe, and the governor, Paul Breyne.

Part of the Conference will be in the historic Provincial Government Building, and the Province will be hosting a special reception for the Conference.

Other activities planned for the conference include

The workshops will be on the topics

  • Ethnic Tensions in Schools
  • Changing Citizenship - changing teachers
  • Teaching for Children's Rights

We would like groups of CiCe members to volunteer to organise these workshops: if you are interested, please volunteer as soon as possible

The main conference Hotel will probably be the Hotel Oude Burg (Grand Hotel), in the centre of the City and very close to the Provincial Government Building. Several conference events will take place in the hotel.

A Call for papers will be made in the early autumn.

We would like all proposals to be submitted in mid January 2001.

The selection committee "I select papers in early February 2001.

All papers must be completed and submitted before 17th April.

They will be published in advance on the Livelink site.

Full Conference detas and booking forms will be circulated in the next Newsletter (November).

2001 - 2002 Proposals for the CiCe Dissemination year


We will publish a short account of our major findings and recommendations, with an invitation to use the Livelink facilities as a guest. This account wilI be available to any interested University or College in Europe. We hope that it will attract many more members to participate in the CiCe phase 2 activities.

There will be a shorter description of our work in a pamphlet that will be more widely distributes. Written in all community languages, we will distribute this as widely as possible. National Co-ordinators will play a key role in this.

We will also have three volumes of Conference Proceedings available - which by the start of dissemination year will be over 1000 pages, over 100 articles - a very rich resource.


We hope that a major channel of distribution will be through conferences and seminars.

We want to encourage CiCe members to attend a wide variety of educational conferences over the year. We do not mean CiCe-organised conferences, but those arranged by local and regional associations and bodies. We are asking CiCe members to offer to present papers that reflect the work of CiCe at these conferences, and will bid for funds to support them attend these conferences when they are giving a paper. To do this, we need to estimate how many people are likely to attend conferences and give papers that relate to CiCe.

Secondly, we hope to organise - through our national Co-ordinators - a series of CiCe National or Regional Conferences/Seminars. We will support the costs of locally organised conferences that distribute CiCe activities more widely. National Co-ordinators are being contacted now asking if they will be able to organise such an event: if you would like to offer help, please contact your national Co-ordinator now.

We will also be organising a major Dissemination Conference in May 2002. We hope that this will be held in Budapest or possibly another east/central European Capital City.

2002 - 2005 CiCe Phase 2: New Activities

The Steering Group has used the new SOCRATES Programme guidelines to draw up the following plan.

(1) CiCe 2 will be an ERASMUS Thematic Network Project. The original Network programmes (of which we are one) were so successful that the concept is being developed for Schools as COMENIUS Thematic Networks (see below) and, for adult and continuing education, as GRUNDTVIG Thematic Networks. University-level networks become ERASMUS TNPS.

(2) CiCe 2 will prepare materials for teaching at University level about Citizenship Education; the development of Children's Identity, and the social, political and economic development of the young.

There are two sets of activities where we need to get. a response from CiCe members now, if we are to plan them well:

(3) We want to encourage the collaborative development of modules for use in University courses in our area: some of these will be free-standing modules at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level, and some of the Postgraduate modules we want to combine into a 10 - 12 University joint MA course in Citizenship Education. We would hope that all CiCe member institutions could be involved in one or other of these modules/courses. Please let us know NOW if you are interested in contributing to this activity.

(4) We want to develop a parallel Thematic Network Project for Schools - A COMENIUS Network. To do this we need our members to identify a small group of schools or nurseries who would wish to join in a European-wide Network on Citizenship Education. Schools will join through your University/College. We will apply for support for travel and subsistence for schools and Universities and for administrative support for the participating Universities. We do not need to know the names of the schools yet, but we do need you to let us know if you would like to take part in this venture now.

Two other activities are planned for CiCe 2:

(5) Annual Conferences, with published proceedings/books, to develop and extent the intellectual debate.

(6) The creation of a European Association, which will be independent and democratic: this will be the parent body for both the ERASMUS Thematic Network and the COMENIUS Thematic Network - and for other bids to European Union funds for further projects.

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