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CICE: Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe
Social, Economic and Political Learning and Understanding within the European Context

Issue 9: November 1998
The Newsletter of the Network


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CICE gets large SOCRATES Programme grant

London, 22 November As all CiCe institutional members will have heard via e-mail (or fax), we have now had official confirmation of our budget from SOCRATES. The news came two months after the date we were supposed to have started. This imposes a tight timetable, because we will be expected to maintain the same timetable as appeared in the original plan.

The Grant

We asked SOCRATES for 16% of our total budget. The rest was to be raised by members own contributions (the cost of our time, subscriptions by each member, etc.) and a further 16% (135,000 ecu) to be raised from trusts, foundations or commerce. The SOCRATES request was for 135,00 ecu (about twice the size of the average Thematic Network Project grant). SOCRATES have actually given us 132,000 ecu - almost all we asked for. They had to take out the amounts we had budgeted for Estonia and Slovenia, because neither of these were within the SOCRATES programme on 1st September. This means that we will have to support the membership of Estonia, Malta and Slovenia from non-SOCRATES sources - if we can get any.

The grant from SOCRATES is only a percentage of our total expenditure. If we cannot show we have spent the whole 723,000 ecu, we will get less! The 723,000 ecu is the total cost of everything we do, including any money that you or your institution spend - for example, on your salary - as well as the way we spend the SOCRATES 132,000, and the 20,000 subscription income.

Planned Activities

The CiCe Steering Group will be meeting in London on December 11th and 12th to plan how we accomplish this year's objectives.

Meetings of the Age-Related groups will take place soon after this. We hope by the end of January we should have very detailed plans and guidelines for activities in our member institutions and countries.

The International Conference was originally planned for January/February. This is now impossible: we are instead planning a London-based conference for early next April. Details will be announced as soon as possible.

The CiCe Coordination Unit

The central administrative unit of CiCe will be based at the University of North London, and we are busy recruiting the small staff that will run this. They will be responsible for the communications and services of the Network Project - organising the conference, setting up and maintaining the web-site, distributing Newsletters and Reports, and handling the complex reporting arrangements for SOCRATES. Professor Alistair Ross at the University will coordinate the Unit's work. A part-time administrator will be appointed shortly: currently Cass Mitchell-Riddle has been temporarily seconded. By January we hope to have appointed a full-time administrative officer and a part-time web-site manager.

Further Developments

Elsewhere in this Newsletter are details of how we hope that each of our members can contribute to the work of the Network, and draw from the Network information and contacts that will help them in their own interests.>p> How much we are able to do will depend on the resources that we are able to use. A major and continuing difficulty is our income. Although we are now assured of 84% of our costs, the remaining 16% is largely for the important financial help we need to give our National Coordinators, and for helping with the costs of the Conference and Group meetings. Cutting back on these activities will greatly hamper our ability to complete the Network Project's ambitions.

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First Conference Arranged for April 1999 in London

Plans are being made for the CiCe Thematic Network Project's first Conference to be held in April next year. We are hoping that it will be possible to meet in London, probably from the 7th to 10th April.

The Conference will be the first occasion at which a large group of members will have been able to meet to discuss common interests and to plan activities for the next three years. We intend to have space to discuss the overall plans for CiCe, and in particular the electronic network activity around which we will develop shared courses and research. There will also be time available for members to present papers and hold seminars and discussions. The Conference will end on Saturday so that advantage can be taken of APEX fares. We plan to keep costs as low as possible, so that as many members as possible can attend.

Over conference period we also hope to have important coordinating meetings of various CiCe groups and committees, and a meeting of all the National Coordinators to discuss their role.

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What Members will be asked to do

Each member institution will be asked to contribute to the work of the Network:

Each individual will be asked to collect information from three or four children/young people - either through an interview, or by observation of younger children - about their ideas about their identity, citizenship, understanding of social or political or economic institutions. These accounts will need to be transcribed by members, and fed into the data bank we are going to create. We imagine that each account will be no more than 30 minutes long. This exercise will be repeated in each of the following years. (See item 4 below)

Secondly, we would like each institution this year to conduct a survey of courses that are provided in the area of socialisation (see item 2 on the right)

The Conference will be open to all members on an "at cost" basis (see item 1)

Finally, we will ask some members to help write accounts of what is provided in citizenship education/social education in their country (see item 3). BUT - don't start these yet, unless you are desperate! CICE groups will be drawing up notes to help you in each of these areas as soon as they can. These will be circulated to all members early next year.

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Our Objectives for 1998/9

The development of a permanent, pan-European network of departments in Higher Education Institutions

A survey of curriculum provision in Higher Education, of all courses that include socialisation, the teaching of social, citizenship, political and economic knowledge and skills, social/economic psychology and cognition

Accounts and analyses of the curriculum for children and young people concerning society and citizenship education, in each state

Analyses of accounts by children and young people on their perceptions of identity, citizenship and socio-economic issues

Development of a European dimension in modules and courses in Higher Education, drawing on this information and data

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Who's Who: Steering Group and Age-Related Committees

Steering Group

Who's Who: Age Groups

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Money: what Institutions will be asked to pay for

The Central CICE funds will pay for the following:

If we raise additional resources, CICE will also pay for

CICE will not pay for

All CICE member institutions will pay

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Membership: Final details

This map allows you to connect to every country with members in the CICE network. Simply click on the area of the map about which you want to see more details.

The above message should be repeated in French, German, Italian, Spanish - and any other language you offer to help with!

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