Proposed European Thematic Network Project

CICE: Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe
Social, Economic and Political Learning and Understanding within the European Context

Issue 4: December 1997
Newsletter of the Draft Planning Group


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Next Steps

This is the final newsletter before the Expression of Interest is formally lodged with DGXXII in late December. Please make sure that any urgent last-minute comments are sent in immediately so that they can be included.

We will not here the outcome till mid/late February, and will then have a mere five weeks to complete the final proposal, if we are selected. I will be in contact in January, however, to collect what we think will be the details needed for the next stage of submission, so we are not left with too little time.

Please be ready to respond to requests as quickly as possible. The Network's web-site should be a useful source of news and information for those who have access to it. Most other information will be via e-mail, though I will also post information to those ten people still without e-mail addresses.

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Our New Name

Thanks to all those who responded to the enquiry about what name we should work under. There were equal votes for the original title and for a much shorter title focusing on citizenship: The compromise is for a short title with an acronym - CICE - and a longer and more descriptive sub-title.

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Dublin, New Socrates guidelines, DGXXII

I attended a meeting of coordinators of existing Thematic Networks in Dublin last month. Several useful contacts were made, and I had several discussions with members of DG XXII about the submission process, and have since corresponded with Brussels about various points. The 1998 Socrates Guidelines were published last month. Key points from all of theses are as follows:

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Application to European Science Foundation

We applied for a ESF grant to help get the Network under way in the early part of 1998. I am afraid that this was not successful. I have not yet had any feedback from the Foundation, but it may be possible that we re-approach them next year, for similar funding, or under another of their schemes.

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Register of member's interests

One of the functions of the Network will be to act as an information exchange, enabling members to link with others who have similar specialist concerns. The beginnings of this are now possible, with the establishment of our Register on the World Wide Web. I have tried to include in this all the data that members have given me about what their special interests are, and what they are doing. It is possible to scroll through the register, and directly e-mail possible contacts. Eventually we may be able to link some sort of search engine to this.

Meanwhile, it would be helpful if everyone could look and check their own data, and let me have any additions or alterations that they want to make. I apologise for any errors that have crept in - I'm doing it all myself as a one-person show at the moment. It should be possible to send the information through an electronic form on the website - alternatively, do write or fax.

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Revised Focus

The draft Expression of Interest has been completely redrafted to take into account shifts in the requirements of the SOCRATES guidelines, and the feedback from DGXX11 and other Networks. Note that the thrust is now on interdisciplinary approaches, and is towards how we educate students about children and young people's learning and understanding (rather than the children per se). We are suggesting that we develop shared modules, courses and programmes in a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in different disciplines. These may share resources and source data, using open and distance learning techniques.

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SOCRATES will only fund a fraction of the costs of a Network Project. We will have to prepare a budget that costs our own Institutional contributions (for example, putting in the cost of our time in attending meetings at 200 ecu a day). We will also need to be able to use "income" and "costs" for any related work at the local level as part of the overall cost for the SOCRATES budget.

Because of this, it seems prudent to look for other forms of support. Following suggestions made to members in late October, we have now approached the six largest Telecom companies in Europe asking if they will jointly support us over the next three years. If substantial support is forthcoming, we should be able to ensure that we can professionally administer the Network, subsidise conference costs, and employ some translation assistance.

Approaches have been made jointly to British Telecom. Deutsche Telekom, Italia Telecom, Spanish Telecom and Swedish Telecom. Thanks are due to Professors Berti (U of Padua), Roland-Levy (U of Paris V), Limon (U of Madrid), Kindervater (U of Hamburg) and Nasman (U of Linkopping), who have tracked down the person responsible in their respective countries, and translated and sent the letter.

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Membership position

Thematic Network Project must have membership drawn from all the EU and EFTA states, and other states eligible for EU participation. We now have121 individual members - the numbers rise almost daily - representing 26 states. For SOCRATES purposes, "members" are our 84 HE Institutions, not individuals. Given our interdisciplinary nature, we sometimes have more than one department from the same institution:.

A full list of members is available on the Internet, together with a register of interests. For those without access to the net, I will post a list on request.

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Expression of Interest in a European Thematic Network Project: December 1997 Draft (3.0)

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Participants in Network: situation at 1 December 1997

Country Members (Institutions) Individuals
AustriaPadagogische Akademie des Bundes in WienDr Rosita de Boer
BelgiumKatholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West Vlaanderen?International Office/ RENOMs Anne Marie Van den dries ,
Andries Termote
Vakgroep Onderwijskunde (RUG) Tom Oosterlinck
CyprusUniversity of Cyprus, Education DepartmentDr Mary Koutselini,
Prof Christos Theophilides
Czech RepublicUniversity of West Bohemia, Dept of Computing & Instructional TechnologiesMgr Jan Masek
University of West BohemiaHana Kantorkova
Masaryk University, Brno, Education DepartmentMgr Nada Vojtkova
DenmarkFyns PaedagogseminariumDrude Worm
Hindholm Socialpaedagogiske SeminariumSoren Hegstrup
Jydsk Paedogog-SeminariumJorn Lauridsen
Kobenhavns Socialpaedagogiske SeminariumAnne W Christensen
LaereruddannelsenProfessor Ove Outzen
Odense SeminariumKlaus Levinsen
Skipper Clement seminariet, AalborgPeter Melgaard Larsen
Slagelse SeminarietJesper Froda,
Helle Kjaerulff
FinlandUniversity of Helsinki, Department of Teacher EducationLeena Graeffe
University of Jyvaskyla, Continuing Education Centre/ Multi-cultural programmesRitta Wahlstrom,
Prof Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen/
Kirsti Hakkinen
Rauman Opettajankoulutuslaitos, University of TurkuRiitta Korhonen
FranceIUFM de Creteil,Relations Internationales et Europeenes/ Dept de Geographie et s'Histoire/ Rectorat de Creteil SAIOProfessor Brigitte Fiszer
Professor Jean-Marie Baldner,
Mme Genevieve Moreau
IUFM de NantesProfessor Jean-Pierre Branchereau
Université Paul Valéry Montpellier III Dépt des Sciences de l'EducationProf Yveline Fumat,
Professor Roger Monjo,
J B Paturet
IUFM Grenoble Michele Gabert
Universite de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Lab de Psychologie AppliqueeProfessor Dominique Lassarre
Universite Rene Descartes - Paris V, Laboratoire de Psychologie SocialeDr Christine Roland-Levy
GermanyUniversität Osnabrück, Dept SachunterrichtProfessor Dr Egbert Daum
Univeritat Hannover, Institut für Didaktik der Soziale wissenschaftenAkad Oberrat Werner Borsum,
Dr Günter Tegtmeyer
Technische Universitat, Braunschweig, SachunterrichtProfessor Dr Dagmar Richter
Universitat Hamburg, Inst für Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft / Institute 8Professor Dr Klaus Schleicher,
Angela Kindervater,
Andreas Koerber,
Prof Dr Bernhard Claussen
Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Reseach Group Early InterventionsProfessor Dr Franz Peterander
Technische Universitaet, Berlin, Institute for DidacticsProfessor Hanns-Fred Rathenow
HungaryEotos Lorand University, BudapestEva Szabolcs
Atilla Joszef UniverityCsapo Beno
GreeceUniversity of Patras, Department of EducationAssoc Professor Panayota Papoulia-Tzelepi
University of CreteProg George Flouris
Athens University, Education DepartmentAsst Prof Elias Matsagouras
Democritus University of ThraceProfessor Yannis Panousiss
IcelandAkureyri University Asst Professor Kristin Dyrfjord,
Bragi Gudmundsson
Oddi, University of Iceland, Faculty of Social SciencesDr Professor Sigrun Adalbjarnardottir
Skolavorduholti, Reykjavik Technical SchoolDr Saevar Tjorvason
IrelandUniversity of Limerick, Mary Immaculate CollegeEugene Wall
University College, DublinMaureen Killeavy
Trinity College, DublinAnne fitzGibbon
ItalyCentro Interdisciplinare di Ricerca Educativa sul Pensiero Marina Santi
University of Padova, Dept of Educational Sciences/ Dip di Psicologia d Sviluppo e d SocializzazioneLucia Mason,
Professor Anna Emilia Berti
Univesita di Roma "La Sapienza", Dipto de Ricerche Storico-Filo e PedagogProfessor Emilio Lastrucci
LuxembourgCente BenjaminDr Nico Kneip
ISERPRomain Martin
MaltaL-Università Ta'Malta, Il-Fakultà ta' l-Edukazzjoni/ Workers' Participation Dr Ronald Sultana,
Dr Godfrey Baldacchino
NetherlandsLeiden University, Dept Political ScienceDr Henk Dekkere
Univerity of NymegenRenze Portengen
University of Utrecht, Faculty of Social Sciences J6LProfessor Dr Micha de Winke
Hogeschool von Amsterdam, Faclteit Sociaal-Agogische Dienstverleningt.Dick Herweg
NorwayNorwegian University of Science & Tech, Dept of EducationProfessor Gunn Imsen (Assoc)
Bergen College of Higher Education, Dept of Education & Social ScienceMagne Angvik (Assoc),
Kjetil Børhaug
Vestfold College, Dept of Social ScienceHalvdan Eikeland
University of Oslo, Faculty of EducationAssoc Prof Eyvind Elstad,
Dag Fjeldstad
Lillehammer College, Sept of Media, Cultural & Social StudiesLars Monsen
PolandJagellonian University, Dept Educational ManagementProfessor Adam Niemczynski,
Roman Dorczac,
High Pedagogical School of OlstzynBata Krzyworz-Niemczynski
PortugalUniversidade de Lisboa, Dept de Educacao de Fac de CienciasProf Maria Odete Valente,
Jose Pais.
Prof Mario Azevedo,
Universidade do Algarve, Escola Superior d'EducacaoProfessor Jorge Santos
Escola Superior de Educacao de Setubal Joao Pinheiro,
Maria Pimenta,
Manganida Miranda
Universidade do Minho, Institute of Child StudiesLuisa Varela de Freitas
RomaniaEduc Sciences Institute Mircea Radu
Univ of Bucharest, Institut des Sciences de l'EducationDr Viorica Aura Paus
Slovak RepublicComenius University, Faculty of EducationDr Peter Gavora (Associate)
Methodicke Centrum, PresovJames Sutherland-Smith
SloveniaUniversity of Maribor, Pedagoska FakultetaProfessor Jausovec Norbert
SpainUniveridad Autonoma de Madrid, Facultad de PsicologiaProfessor Mario Carretero,
Margarita Limon
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Facultat de Ciencies de l'EducacioCarmen Gonzalo,
Maria Villanueva
SwedenUniversity of Linkoping, Dept of Childhood Studies/ Dept of Thematic StudiesAssoc Prof Gunilla Hallde'n,
Professor Elisabet Nasman
Lund University Box 52, Dept of Political SciencePeter Eklundh
Lararhögskolan i Malmö, Institutionen för pedagogik och specialmetodikProfessor Gunilla Svingby
Kristianstad UniversityTorsten Madsen
Hogskolan i Halmstad, NCFLKrister Svensson
Goteborg Universitet, Pedagoen/ Dept of Home Economics/ Institutet for metodikDr Elisabeth Hesslefors Arktoft,
Vilgot Oscarsson,
Birgitta Klingander,
Sten Baath,
Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson
UKUniversity of Bath, Centre for Economic PsychologyDr Alan Lewis
University of York, Department of Educational StudiesDr Ian Davies
University College, Department of PsychologyProfessor Adrian Furnham,
Dr Peter Lunt
University of Exeter, School of Education /Department of PsychologyCathie Holden,
Dr Paul Webley
Edge Hill University College Keith Crawford
Brunel University, Faculty of Professional EducationProf Linda Thomas,
Prof Steve Hodkinson,
Dr Keith Wood
New College, University of Southampton Jeff Vass
University of North London, School of Education/ European & Language StudsDr Merryn Hutchings,
Professor Alistair Ross,
Dave Edye
International Assoc for Children's Social and Economics EducationJohn Price

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