Proposed European Thematic Network

Children's Social and Economic Learning and Understanding within a European Identity

Newsletter of the Draft Planning Group
Issue 3: October 1997


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Progress report on revising the SOCRATES application

The revised proposal is included in this Newsletter on pages 2 to 6. This has attempted to incorporate all the suggestions that were made over the past few months about how the proposal could be improved. This proposal is now in its penultimate form. It will be changed once more, in late November, to include any further suggestions and comments, as far as this is possible.

In December, the proposal will be submitted in the first phases of the selection process. We expect to hear back within a few weeks (early February) if we are to proceed to the second and final stage. This will involve

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Action List!!

Please could everyone do the following:


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First European Thematic Networks Forum

A forum of all the co-ordinators of the existing European Thematic Networks is being held in Dublin on 15th - 16th October. Alistair Ross will be attending part of the forum as an observer, or behalf of the members of this proposed Network. He hopes to be able to gather useful information on how the successful proposals have been made, on the best ways in which to present our submission, and on the scale of details required on issues such as budgeting.

A report will be put on the Network's web-site pages soon after the event, together with suggestions for changes that we may need to make to the current version of the submission in order to better our chances of success.

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Membership position

Thematic Networks need to have membership drawn from all the EU and EFTA states, with some participation from associate states. We have now almost achieved this (final confirmation is awaited from Portuguese colleagues). It isn't essential to have participation on the other states. But the proposal is also scrutinised for the balance of participating institutions (eg Poland, Romania). It might appear at the moment that we have a comparatively large number of participating institutions from the UK, and relatively few from (given their overall populations) Spain, France, Italy and Germany. A 'balanced' membership might look like this (Numbers in brackets is number of actual confirmed institutions):

1 - 3 members
Austria (1) Belgium (2) Cyprus (1) Netherlands (1) Denmark (1) Ireland (1) Finland (1) Greece (2) Iceland (1) Luxembourg (1) Malta (1) Norway (3) Poland (0) Portugal (0) Romania (0) Czech (1)

4-5 members
Spain (2) Sweden (4)

6 -8 members
France (2) Germany (3) Italy (2) UK (8)

Can you help find new institutions to participate in the low-participation areas?

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Application to the European Science Foundation

We applied for a ESF grant to help get the Network under way in the early part of 1998. We should hear whether we were successful or not in November. If we have got funding, we will organise a quick conference, probably for a date in early March, to finalise a full application for April 1st (assuming we have been short-listed by Socrates). If we have not been shortlisted, the conference will look at alternative means of maintaining a network. Watch the web-pages for details, and make sure that your e-mail address is lodged with London and is correct, so that you are kept up to date with details of progress!

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Contact Address, etc

Alistair Ross,
School of Education, University of North London, 166 - 220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB, UK

Tel: + 44 171 607 2789; fax: +44 171 753 5420; e-mail

Web Site address:

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Proposal v 2

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Participants in Network: situation at 1 October 1997

Country confirmednot yet confirmed
AustriaPed Akad des Bundes, WienRosita de Boer
BelgiumCatholic Poly SW Flanders, KortrikjAndries Termote,
Anne Marie Van den Dries
RUG, GentTom Oosterlink
DenmarkSlagelse SeminarietJesper Froda
Helle Kjaerulff
Haderslev StatseminariumOve Outzen
Stolberg, GertoftaJorgenPauli Jensen
FinlandUniversity of JyvaskylaKirsti Hakkinen
Ritta Korhonen
Marja-Kristiina Lerkkannen
University of JyvaskylaRitta Wahlstrom
Jukka Rantala
FranceUniv Montpellier IIIYveline Fumat
J B Paturet
Roger Monjo
IUFM GrenobleMiclele Gabert
Inst Univ Formn des Maitres, NantesJeanPierre Branchereau ? CreteilGenevieve Moreau
Univ Paris VChristine Ronald-Levy
GermanyUniv HannoverWerner Borsum
Gunter Tegtmeyer
Univ HamburgBarbara Bruning
Klaus Schleieher
Bodo van Borries
Angela Kindervater
Univ OsnabruckEgbert Daum
Univ BerlinHansFred Rathenow
GreeceUniv AthensElias MatsagourasUniv ThessalonikiDimitra Papadopolou
Univ Thrace, KomotiniYannis Panoussis
IcelandUniv AkueyriBragi GudmundssonUniv AkueyriAgst Arnsson
Tjoevar Soervarsson
Gundumur Frimannsson
Ingvar Sigurgeirsson
ItalyUniv PadovaAnnaEmilia Berti Univ PadovaAnnaMaria Ajello
Antonio Papisca
Lucia Mason
Marina Santi
Teresa Ravazzola
Univ RomaEmilio LastrucciUniv RomaMarco Perugini
Univ PerugiaFernanda Menghini
IrelandUniv LimerickEugene Wall
LuxembourgCentre BenjaminNico Kneip
NetherlandsHogeschool von AmsterdamDick HerwegHogeschool Midden NederlandJan Schipper
PortugalUniv LisboaMario Azevedo
MariaOdete Valente
Univ do AlgarveJorge Santos
SpainUniv BarcelonaCarmen Gonzalo
Maria Villanueva
Univ MadridMario Carretero
Univ MalagaMargarita LimonUniv ZaragozaMichaela Munoz
SwedenLund Univ, MalmoMartina Campert
Gunilla Svingsby
Peter Eklundh
Institutet Metodik, MolndalSten Baath
Silva Claesson
Ingrid Pramling
Kristianstad UnivTorsten Madsen
Univ LinkoppingElisabet Nasman
Gunilla Halden
Hogskolari HelmstadtHarrieth Axelsson
Krister Svensson
Univ GotenborgVilgot Oscarsson
Birgitta Klingander
Elisabeth Hesslefors Arktoft
LundBigitta Norden
GrannaSven Lundstrom,
SundsvailYiva Holm
KalmarBjornAxel Johansson
KirunaOdd Minde
MalmoBereket Yebio
United KingdomUniv of YorkIan Davis
Univ North LondonAlistair Ross
Merryn Hutchings
Edge Hill CHEKeith Crawford
Univ ExeterCathy HoldenUniv ExeterPaul Webley
Univ Coll LondonAdrian Furnham Univ Coll LondonPeter Lunt
IACSEEJohn Price
LSU Coll HEJeff Vass
Univ BathAlan Lewis
Univ BrunelKeith Wood
Steve Hodkinson
Linda Thomas
NorwayBergen College, LandasKjetil Boerhaug Trondheim UnivGun Imsen
Alfred Telhang
Vestfold College, TonsbergHalvdan EikelandUniv BergenMagne Angvik
Lillehammer CollegeLars Monsen
CyprusUniv of CyprusChristos Theophilides
Mary Koutselini
CzechiaGymnazium SlapariceMonika VoskovaMasaryk University, BrnoBill Ross
Steve Hardy
Charles University, PragueNada Vojtakova
MaltaUniv MaltaRonald Sultana
Godfrey Baldacchino
PolandJagellonian Univ, KrakowRoman Dorczac
RomaniaBritsih Council. TemesoraDonard Britten
SlovakiaPresovJames Sutherland-Smith

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Criteria for SOCRATES Thematic Networks


A Thematic Network's aim must be to define and develop a European dimension within a given academic discipline or other issue of common interest through co-operation between University faculties/departments and academic associations. Co-operation should lead to curriculum development with a lasting and widespread impact across a range of institutions. Project activities may be interdisciplinary ... where strong thematic links cross traditional definitions.

Networks seek to

Indicative Types of Activity

enabling European level fora to study/analyse the state of development toward promoting a European dimension, building on partnerships between institutions and facilitating closer co-operation at the European level

identifying needs from a European perspective, which implies

Potential Participants

(source: Table 1, p 12, Socrates Guidelines for applicants)

Eligibility and Selection criteria

Applications must be submitted in one of the official languages, and in accordance with the procedures and deadlines set out.

Participants must be located within the European Economic Area (15 states of the EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

Applications must involve all countries eligible to participate in SOCRATES.


(source: Table 3, p 19, Socrates Guidelines for applicants)

Eligible Costs

(source: Table 4, p 21, Socrates Guidelines for applicants)

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