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Previous Regional Conferences:

Children’s Identity, Culture and Media in Visegrad Context, 15th-16th September 2011, Hotel  Primavera, Plzeň, Czech Republic

This interdisciplinary conference was organized by Department of Visual Culture, Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in cooperation with CiCe European Commission Erasmus Academic Network project, London Metropolitan University, Asociation of Media Pedagogy and supported by Visegrad Fund.

The aim of the conference was to focus on the new social, political and cultural conditions and development within changing Europe influenced concept of citizenship especially in V4 countries who shared common totalitarian experience. The dialogue between educators and researchers focused on themes related to children’s identity and CCE should also offer the possibility to articulate national goals, needs, specifics and stereotypes pointing out the specifics of V4 countries in broader European context.

The conference proceedings and other information will soon be available from the conference's website:


3rd International Citizenship Education Conference: Citizenship, Culture and Identity: Inclusive Society under Crisis. A Regional CiCe Conference in collaboration with the South European and Mediterranean CiCe / CiCea, 6-7-8 May 2011, University of Patras – Rio, Patras, Greece

The conference strands were:

1. Citizenship, Culture and Identity

2. Citizenship and the Inclusive Society/School

3. Diversity, inclusion and social justice

4. Economic crisis impact on citizenship education

5. Good teaching practice

6. Educating the educators for citizenship

7. Comparative aspects of Citizenship Education in Europe and beyond


January 2010: “GLOBALOCAL CITIZENSHIP” CiCe Regional Conference and To Gather Festival

Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, College of Education, Coimbra, Portugal.


The conference website is here


April 2009: 2nd South European and Mediterranean Conference: Citizenship Identity And Culture: The Challenge For Education

University Of Patras, Greece


October 2007: The Nordic Conference: A challenge for the Nordic countries

School of Teacher Education, Malmö University, Sweden.

The Nordic regional conference was a great success and important research and educational connections were established for the future. The conference Organising Committee (Søren Hegstrup (CVU Sjaelland, DK), Leena Graeffe (Helsinki University, FI), Annika Elm (Gävle University, SE), Nanny Hartsmar (Malmö University, SE) and Riitta Korhonen (Turku University, FI) worked together with the Conference Scientific Committee (Alistair Ross, London Metropolitan University, UK; Sigrún Aðalbjarnardóttir, University of Iceland, Reykjavík; Lena Holmberg, Malmö University, Sweden; Ingegerd Tallberg-Broman, Malmö University; Anna-Lena Tvingstedt, Malmö University; Sven Persson, Malmö University; Bosse Bergstedt, Lund University and Annika Elm, University of Gävle, Sweden to ensure a lively and in depth range or topics and talks.

The conference attendees included a group of participants from China, part of a exchange visit from schools, universities and research institutes engaged in natural sciences and sustainable development. Three of the four keynotes at the conference,Sven-Eric Liedman (Gothenburg University SE), Jens Qvortrup (Trondheim University NO) and Alistair Ross (London Metropolitan University UK) were filmed and their lectures are available on the Malmö University page.

The proceedings from the conference were published in a special issue of the Journal Educare and will be available soon here.

April 2007: The South European and Mediterranean Conference

Patras University, Greece

The venue of the first South European and Mediterranean Conference was the beautiful Conference Center of the University in Patras, with the additional grace of the Greek spring. The invited speaker, Professor Alistair Ross, presented the theme of ‘Society and Identity: Europe and its Regions.’ More than twenty other contributors from Greece and abroad presented interesting papers on this crucial topic, clustered around the lines of:

  • Theoretical and Ethical Considerations,
  • Citizenship, Society and Education,
  • the Educators of Citizenship and,
  • Instances of Good Practice.

The audience of approximately 130 people enjoyed the conference and was able to meet the presenters, coming from the UK, Turkey, Romania, Cyprus, France and from several parts of Greece, and discuss the papers or consider joint projects.


April 2007: The Visegrad Conference: Children Identity and Citizenship in the Visegrad context

Presov University, Slovak Republic

The conference was organised by Presov University, Slovakia, with several other partners: University of Pécs, Hungary, University in Bialystok, Poland, University West Bohemia, Czech Republic and the Fundation Pontis, Slovakia.

The conference was held under the auspices of Dusan Caplovic, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Knowledge-Based Society, European Affairs, Human Rights and Minorities, and financially co-sponsored by the Visegrad Fund.

The academic event followed these objectives: exchange of opinions of academics and professionals from non-governmental organisations of the V4 countries participating in the development and implementation of the process of active civic education; mapping and defining predisposition of effective civic education realisation with regard to the specifications of the V4 countries and Ukraine.

 The conference agenda focused on:

  • Multidisciplinary context of civic education.
  • Pedagogue & student in intercultural context challenges.
  • Curriculum and educational aims of civic education.
  • Area of citizenship in university education.
  • European identity as an educational project.
  • Research in civic education.

Over 70 participants (university lecturers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Belgium participating in civic education; representatives of non-governmental organisations participating in realisation of active civic education in the Visegrad jurisdiction) attended the conference. Around 30 papers were presented in two parallel sessions and PhD. students symposia running throughout the Visegrad academic event

All the plenary papers as well the parallel sessions presentations are published in the printed version of the conference book of proceedings.


March 2007: The Iberian Conference:

University of Lisbon, Portugal


February 2007: The North Sea Conference: Week of Europe

Hanze University Groningen, Netherlands

The ‘Week of Europe’ was organised in Groningen as ‘the coming out’ of the European cultural project European cultural project ‘Multiple Choice Identity’. During the week the North Sea Conference was integrated. CiCe-members Sandra Rone, Robi Kroflic, Henrik Bak and Marjanca Kuscer were workshop-leaders of participants from the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Latvia and Slovenia. Sandra Rone and Latvian teachers organised workshops about the practical test of the theme ‘Family and friends’, Henrik Bak and Danish colleagues did give a workshop about fantasy design and the MCI-project. Lana Kuscer did a workshop about the development of identity. Great key-speakers gave lectures, such as Howard Gardner with an interactive lecture by satellite about the five minds for the future, Fred Korthagen about the flow and Robi Kroflic about responsibility. There was a lot of music by Scanner with the international; anthem ‘Europe 27’, Lana Kuscer on flute, Donald a flamenco guitar-player and the rapper André.


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