London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Management and Organisation

The coordination of the Network is organised by London Metropolitan University, in the UK, who have a contract with the European Commission to do this. We are a democratically organised network, with an elected President and Executive Committee linked to the CiCe Association.

We have a National Coordinator in each country, and each partner institution has an Institutional Coordinator. Working Groups are established for particular tasks.

CiCe Structure:

CiCe Structure Chart

The Executive Committee

The network is managed by an Executive Committee responsible for planning and monitoring activities; the quality assurance of all outputs; setting terms of reference for working groups and selecting their membership; evaluating conference proposals and selecting papers; and, reporting to partners.

CiCe Executive Committee Members

Network Coordinator

The Network Coordinator has responsibility for the general administration of the network, and for the contract agreement between London Metropolitan University and the Commission. The CiCe Network Coordinator for the current phase of CiCe is Peter Cunningham.

CiCe Network Coordinator

National Coordinators

The National Coordinator is responsible for liaising with partners in that country; for working with NGO’s and governmental education authorities; organising national and regional events; the distribution of CiCe materials to national libraries; and, for coordinating with other National Coordinators.

Institutional Coordinators

The Institutional Coordinator has responsibility for organising the institutions participation and involvement with the Network, and the dissemination and promotion of CiCe materials within the institution.

Working Groups

We have a Working Group for each strand of our activity. Members are invited to volunteer for Working Groups, with selection made by the Executive Committee on the basis of specific expertise for the task and in consideration of including members from different geographical regions of Europe. We try to involve as many members as possible in Working Groups, and support their travel and subsistence costs to necessary meetings and conferences. Invitations to join new Working Groups are published in our bi-monthly Newsletter.

CiCe Working Group Members


CiCe is a partnership of member universities, colleges and NGO’s whose staff contribute to network activities. All partners receive and can contribute to a regular newsletter, and are circulated with Working Group reports. All members are invited to apply for Working Groups, and the annual conference provides opportunities and platforms for them to propose papers, workshops and symposia that demonstrate relevant practice, discuss course content, and promote relevant research.

The network also provides a platform for more informal networking which has led to many related international collaborations.


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