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Aims and objectives

Citizenship education has developed in Europe since 1998, formally introduced in some countries and of concern in others. The European Union has advocated active citizenship and participatory democracy to promote ‘Europeanness’, to counter democratic deficit, and to contribute to multiple and nested identities. Our network brings these debates to the education of teachers and other professionals who teach or work with young people as they develop new and multiple identities in a ‘Europe of difference’.

CiCe is a well established Academic Network linking institutions concerned with citizenship education and the development of identities in young people. Our partners are in teacher education, the education of social pedagogues, youth workers, early childhood workers, sociologists and social psychologists.

We have a successful track record in developing high quality resources for curriculum development and educational processes for students at all levels, from undergraduate to PhD level. Materials are produced in a variety of formats and are available both on-line and in hard copy.

We hold an annual European Conference and a series of regional conferences, as well as an annual student research conference.

In this current phase of CiCe we aim to:

  • Continue to develop web-based resources for teaching in HE on citizenship education and identities;
  • Make links with Comenius and Grundtvig networks to help promote coherence and continuity in life-long learning concerned with citizenship education and identities;
  • Advise on developing links between HE and NGO’s in relation to tolerance, respect and rights in Europe, and develop strategies for teacher education and others on the inclusion of minorities in a framework of European identities;
  • Provide guidance on including global and European dimensions of citizenship and identity in higher education courses
  • Sustain and further develop activities to promote capacity building in research in the area of citizenship education and identity.

With regard to these aims we wish, firstly, to influence and support all those involved in teacher education and allied professions, so that educational practice includes elements of citizenship education and support for the development of diverse identities within the European context.

Secondly, through the education and training of professionals we wish to impact on the experiences of children and young people themselves, so they value the European aspects of their identities; so that they are tolerant and respectful of diverse populations; and that they work to achieve social justice and equity.

Thirdly, we wish to impact on broader policies beyond the immediate courses on which we work, so that all aspects of life-long learning are providing coherent support in the area of citizenship.

Fourthly, we wish to impact on the future academic and research community, so that they are aware of, research, and contribute to the development of ideas of identity development, on multiple identities that include a European dimension, and of active citizenship.


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