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Title Author Publisher Year Link
Active Citzenship and Contexts of Special Education Alevriadou, A. & Lang, L. London: CiCe 2011
Active learning and citizenship education in Europe Thomas Bauer, Marie Clarke, Eilina Dailidiene. CiCe Publications 2003
Aesthetics makes sense! Guidelines for aesthetics and arts in citizenship education Dinvaut, A., Bak, H., Sinnige, A. & Kratsborn, W. London: CiCe 2005
An Inclusive Europe: New Minorities in Europe Turnšek, N., Hinge, H. & Karakatsani, D. London: CiCe 2009
Citizenship Education and the Inclusion of Vulnerable Young People Etienne, R., Parkinson, S. & Verkest, H. London: CiCe 2005
Citizenship Education: Identity issues in a time of Diaspora, Migration and Settlement Issa, T., Dinvaut, A., Petrucijova, J. CiCe Publications 2006
Cross-Professional Issues in Citizenship Education and Identity formation Katarina Minarovicova, Adam Niemczynski and Otto Stoik CiCe Publications 2004
Education for an Inclusive Europe: Movement within Europe Rami, J., Karakatsani, D. & Le Roy, E. London: CiCe 2011
Equal Opportunities at school: Mission impossible? Mary Koutselini, Florbela Trigo-Santos and Hugo Verkest CiCe Publications 2004
Guidelines on Citizenship Education for Sustainable Development Mulcahy, C. & Tatiaux-Guillon, N. London: CiCe 2005
Identity in multicultural and multilingual contexts Leena Lestinen, Jelena Petrucijova and Julia Spinthurakis CiCe Publications 2004
Learning Objects and Multimedia Resources for Citizenship Education and Education for Diversity Gonçalves, S. London: Cice 2011
Majorities, Minorities and Democracy Helle Kjaerulff, Lars Monsen and Pavel Vacek CiCe Publications 2003
NGOs and Higher Education: working together for citizenship education and the development of identities Aksit, N., Hartsmar, N. & Moreas, L. London: CiCe 2008
Peace Education Andersson, I., Hinge, H. & Messina, C. London: Cice 2011
Teaching controversial issues: a European perspective Berg, W., Graeffe, L. and Holden, C. CiCe Publications 2003


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